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Here are my novellas and novels so far. Click on the picture to buy from Dreamspinner Press. All of them are also available in Kindle format from Amazon!




HuntandPray_official cover





2 responses to “My Writing

  1. I have just finished your book translated into French “All the things i didn’t see “. I loved a lot and he profoundly touched me.
    The lovers reminded me a couple that I knew child. There was so much love and tenderness between them as for me they were The ideal couple. For a long time I believed that the couples of men worked better than the heterosexuals. By growing up, I noticed that it was not necessarily better, and they could have the same sufferings as the heterosexual couple.
    What I appreciated in your novel, it is that you emphasize the fact that at any time we can fall in love with somebody of the same sex as one. For me nobody is shielded from that. It is a question of feelings at the moment. It is a pity little of nobody are not conscious of it, because there would be more tolerance to the gay people or the bi.
    Thank you for this good moment which you made me spend.

    Sorry for my english. I speak it very badly. I use a translator and it is not still very just.

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