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A tweetaway and some rambling…

First of all, if you are on twitter and you’re interesting in winning a copy of Hunt and Pray, then tweet @dreamspinners with #HuntPrayDSP for a chance to win! Be careful…don’t trample anyone in the stampede….

Secondly, Jason Collins…congrats to you for having the guts to come out while you are still playing basketball. I see this as one more positive step in the fight for equal rights for everyone. Let’s show him some love and support! You can tweet him at @jasoncollins34 and say you stand behind him.

So, I’m having a hard time trying to decide if I’m going to submit my current WIP to Dreamspinner. I’m worried about it finding a genre. It’s a sub/Dom story without a lot of the lifestyle elements. It’s not an avoidance of the subject, it’s just that one of the main characters has been horribly abused and it takes him a long time to work through some of the issues it leaves behind. The other MC spends a lot of time worrying that he’s pushing too hard and that he might be taking advantage of someone who’s in a vulnerable position.

It does have some harsh scenes and I’m not sure if it will be too much for those readers who love the romance aspect and not enough for those who love the whole sub/Dom aspect. Sigh…I can drive myself crazy thinking about it.

On a gloomy note…snow at the end of April is just plain cruel…I’m thinking of becoming an alcoholic to deal with it. I know being an alcoholic writer is a cliche, but then again, there’s a reason something becomes a cliche.

Also I am terribly disappointed that I didn’t get to go to the Calgary Expo this past weekend and meet John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd, Torchwood’s own Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones. I wanted to tell Mr. Barrowman that it’s all his fault…I mean, give him the credit for the fact that I started writing in the first place. Plus, I wanted to get my pic taken with him and send it to my dear friend Louise in England with a nanananana attached to it! We think he’s dead sexy! The pic of him dancing the tango with Misha Collins of Supernatural had me in smiles the rest of the day!

But, on a happier note, the snow seems to be clearing out and we will be in the double digits (in centigrade mind you) by the middle of the week. I’ve been getting out walking and that feels good too. Also, my brain is overflowing with story ideas that I can’t wait to share with you all!


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My girl and me.

So yesterday I was walking with my 11-year-old daughter and we stopped at the local grocery store. As we waited for our ride, this car pulls up and stops and I see my girl’s eyes widen and then she smiled. A man got out of the car and ran into the store, leaving another man waiting in the passenger seat.

We were still chatting but she kept glancing at the car and smiling. When the driver came out of the store and got back in the car, she said “Momma, when that car goes by, look at the back window.”

As the car went by, I saw that there was a rainbow flag in the corner of the window. I turned back to my girl and she says “maybe they’re partners?”

I said “could be…or maybe one of them has a gay friend or relative he’s showing support for…or maybe he just likes rainbows…”

She laughed and nodded before speaking again. “Could be, but I think maybe they’re partners.”

She seemed so pleased by the thought and it made me a little proud. I worry sometimes about how my behaviour affects her.

Just before that we’d been in a store and an acquaintance of mine came up and started chatting with me and the woman who ran the store. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was treating myself to a new bracelet with my royalty money.

Of course, then she wants to know where I’m getting royalty money from. I tell them about my books and the first thing out of the store owner’s mouth was “are the men okay with you writing these books?”

I told her “as far as I know. It seems to be mostly women who write them…and a lot of women read them.”

She looked shocked “Why?”

I shrugged and said “most men find two women together hot, why can’t women feel the same about men?”

Both women thought about it for a second and while they didn’t seem interested in joining in with my fascination, they at least conceded that it should work both ways.

My daughter was listening to the conversation and both women appeared a little shocked that I would talk about it in front of her.

I don’t edit myself in front of her. Of course I don’t talk about sex with her, although if she comes to me with questions I do my best to answer her. She’s going to be twelve in a couple of weeks and its only natural that she’s curious.

Two years ago she became enamoured with Adam Lambert. We’re walking along one day and she says “Adam’s gay, isn’t he momma?” I said yes. She said “and that’s okay, right?” Again I said yes and then asked her “do you know what gay means?” She nodded and said “that means Adam likes to kiss boys and not girls, right?”

I said “yes, exactly.” She grinned and said “okay” and that was it. End of discussion for her.

Her attitude makes me so proud of her but it also makes me a little proud of me. It means that my efforts to raise her to be understanding and accepting of everyone is working. To her it’s the thought of someone being bullied for who they love that’s shocking, not that a boy might love a boy or a girl might love a girl.

My girl is a fierce defender of anyone she thinks is being picked on and it makes me happy when I hear that she refuses to back down, even when she’s worried about the popular people not liking her. She’s Miss Independent…always has been and while it makes it difficult to be her parent sometimes, I know its a trait that will serve her well in the future.

She is my proof that children really are the products of their environment. If we can teach the adults acceptance then maybe the next generation won’t need that lesson.

In a world that seems to be embracing equal rights more and more (way to go France), I’m proud to be raising a child who I know is going to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Coming Home by MJ O”Shea is a story about how maybe you can go home again if you change your attitude and earn yourself a second chance. Tally was a jerk in high school who bullied people to hide what he saw as his own weakness. Forced home by circumstances, he has to prove he’s a different man if only someone would give him a chance. This is a story about how accepting yourself is the first step to making the world…especially your world…a better place.


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So, now what? And a fic rec.

Hunt and Pray is out! And it’s doing pretty good. I have had some fantastic reviews and I’m hoping they lead to some good sale numbers. I know, I know. I’m not supposed to talk about the money I earn from my creative process…it’s tacky. Too bad, the cash makes me almost as happy as the reviews.

But now I’m stuck in “now what?” land. I have four WIP’s, only two of which are suitable for publishing, a writing meme on LJ to keep track of (and write for as I’ve been tagged) and a fandom BigBang challenge to write for. Because I work so much better under pressure.

Add to that the RL obligations of two jobs and a family to take care of and I have all the pressure I need to write a mega best seller!

If only I could find the time.

WIP number one is almost complete, with just and epilogue left to write and then it will be off to the editor (oh wait, that’s me) so it can be made suitable for submission.

I have around 300 books on my to read list and as it grows, the call it sends out gets stronger and stronger and it is becoming almost impossible to resist…but reading takes up so much writing time and it’s hard to enjoy the story because I feel guilty about all the other things I’m not getting done.

I try to slip in a short one every few days just so I have some relaxation time…it makes me a better writer…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

BTW, this song is stuck in my head and won’t get out. If you would have told me that 20 years later I’d still be listening to NKOTB I would have thought you were nuts. And I like them better now.

So, one of the relaxation stories I’ve read is PUP by SJD Peterson. It’s a lovely little story that’s a sort of spin-off of her Whispering Pines Ranch series that I just haven’t had the time to commit to yet. I have it on good authority that it’s a wonderful set of stories though.

PUP is about Micah, a young bartender who’s been looking for someone to make him his everything. All he wants is to be loved and taken care of and in return he will take care of them. When he meets Tackett, he knows he’s found the man of his dreams. Now he just has to convince Tackett that he’s worth the effort it would take to make Micah focus! It’s a wonderful love story without too much angst that will make you smile at the end. I found myself rooting for Micah over and over again and I think you will too.

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Hump day ramblings….and a fic rec

The first thing I want to say today is my heart and best wishes is with all those affected by the horrible tragedy in Boston. I know these senseless acts happen every day all over the world and this one isn’t any more important or newsworthy than a bombing in Lebanon, Kabul or London, it’s just a lot closer to home. My thoughts and imagination keep turning to that little boy and all the things he might have accomplished in his life had he been allowed to live out his life.

Now, I have things to talk about as well. Like the wonderful reviews I’m getting for Hunt and Pray. I know that I shouldn’t place too much importance on them but hey, I’m only human and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t squeal over every single one. I know that this is the point where I should say that art is its own reward…but reviews like this one are pretty sweet.

Mrs Condit Recommends photo mrscrecommends2_zps98e844fe.jpg

Also, I have become addicted to watching my rankings over at **hangs head** but dammit, I just can’t help myself! I’mma bad, bad writer, lol!

And my current WIP has finally broken loose of the anchor that had me dead in the water and is almost complete. Then comes the dreaded editing for submission…and then the big “wait” with a side of biting my nails until I see if they accept it or not.

So,things are looking up. I’ve made some interesting new friends, had a little good news regarding my book and the sun is finally shining and warming things up. All in all, things could be a hell of a lot worse.

I would also like to do a fic rec. I read so many amazing stories and I love to pass them on.

Power Exchange by AJ Rose was a wonderful read. The sub/Dom dynamics worked well and the terrifying scenario kept me enthralled. No punches were pulled and some of the details are hard to read but necessary to keep true to the story. If the BDSM world interests you then give this story a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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Hunt and Pray winner! and a fic rec…or two

So, the winner of they Hunt and Pray giveaway is Sally Halliday. I’m trying to get in touch with her so she can claim her prize so if you know her, give her a shout and let her know. I’m thinking I’ll do one more giveaway in a week or so.

I had a message today from lady I’ve never met, thanking me for my efforts on behalf of equality and the message I try to send every day…I think it’s the nicest message I have ever received and I will admit to being a little teary eyed after receiving it.

Today I’m working on the last chapter of my WIP and I will admit it’s rougher going than I though it was going to be. I figured after the sex was done, it should be easier but it’s not! Plus there are still multi fandom things going on and I really am stretching myself too thin. I keep telling myself that I work better under pressure but I know I’m full of shit.

I’ve read a couple of shorter stories in the last week or so. Keeping Sweets by Cate Ashwood and Unearthing Cole by A.M. Arthur are both warm and wonderful stories that will make you smile. Both contain a little bit of heat and a whole lot of denial on the parts of their main characters. They are the kind of stories that make you want to bang some heads together to open some lines of communications but have sweet, feel good endings. Check them out!

Keeping Sweets:

Unearthing Cole:


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Hunt and Pray giveaway and Tuesday thoughts…

I am so excited about the release of my latest novella tomorrow that I’ve decided to do a giveaway…so I hope someone wants a free copy! Just comment on this post today and tomorrow and tomorrow night I will pick a winner to receive a free copy of a Hunt and Pray ebook!

The day before a release, I always get so nervous…I’m always sure that no one is going to buy it and I’m gonna look like an idiot…but then I realize, I usually look like an idiot anyhow, so what am I worried about? Lol, kidding…it’s like showing off your kid. You know in your head that not everyone is going to be as head-over-heels in love with it as you are, but in your heart, if someone says they hate it, it will kill you just the same.

I am working on the last chapter of my latest WIP and it feels so good to be almost done. Then comes editing…and more editing…and then submitting it and hoping this isn’t the time that they say “sorry, not interested”. It’s a sub/Dom story but its doesn’t really have a lot of the lifestyle details that the genre seems to feel needs to be included, mostly because one of the characters spends most of the story trying to get over the trauma he’s suffered through. I’m a little worried that it will be too much for those who are turned off by the whole BDSM scene and not enough for those who love it!

After this, I have a few ideas running around my head but haven’t really settled on one. As usual, I will start writing and see what happens. Plus I have a few fandom things going on…another Nuke BB that they are doing with an interesting twist this year and three WIP in different fandoms to keep me busy.

So, here’s the link to buy the story…if you want!

And here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite.

THE pounding in Drew’s head pulled him awake. It felt as if sledgehammers were beating on his brain, and he really needed them to stop.

Holy fuck! He hadn’t felt this bad since the last drinking contest with his best friend from high school. He’d ended up with alcohol poisoning that night.

The world was dark around him, and when he tried to open his eyes, he realized with growing terror that he couldn’t. He’d been blindfolded, and when he tried to bring his hands up to yank it off, he found his hands had been bound together and then tied to something. His legs were tied as well, but only to each other, and at least those he could move a little. The dryness in his mouth was explained by the gag that had been tied tightly around his head.

Fear cleared the haze from his brain, and he lay still, trying to listen as best he could for any indication of where he was or who had done this to him.

He was starting to hyperventilate a little, and he knew he was shaking, but he couldn’t help it. And then he heard it… someone was laughing… more than one person from the sound of it, and Drew went still.

“Look at the little faggot, Colonel! Bet the boy is about ready to piss his pants.” The voice was harsh, grating against the pain skewering his head.

“Now, now, Ezra, there’s no need to be so crass. You’d think you were no better than this animal.” The voice was low and cruel, and it sent a curl of pure dread up Drew’s spine.

He felt a hand slide into his hair and his head was pulled back hard, arching his neck and exposing his throat. He felt something pressed against the skin there and realized it was the cold, sharp edge of a knife. A whimper escaped him, and the man with the cruel voice chuckled.

“Listen to him, son, so weak and pathetic already. He won’t be much of a challenge, I’m afraid, but he’ll do for your first one.”

First one what? Oh God, how did I get here?

All he could remember was leaving Jason’s apartment, more pissed off than he’d ever been in his life, and blindly heading for home. Out of nowhere, there had been the sound of squealing tires and a door sliding open; then he felt a painful jab in his neck and the world went dark.

So fucking stupid. I know better than to walk alone that late at night.

He’d just been so angry and hurt, he’d forgotten the warnings the police had issued about not being out alone after dark. Three other young gay men had disappeared in Colorado Springs in the last two years, and they’d never been found. The police were sure it was foul play but couldn’t find a single shred of evidence.

He almost smiled around the gag at the irony. Drew worked as a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette and had been assigned to cover the story. He’d followed every lead he could find, but it had all led to nothing.

I guess I solved the mystery. Too bad I won’t be around to get the byline.

So, comment below if you’d like to win a copy of Hunt and Pray!


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Hunt and Pray coming soon…me babbling about stuff…and a fic rec.

I’m getting very excited. Hunt and Pray will be releases on April 10th and it’s coming up fast! I’m dying to hear what people think about this story because its different from anything I’ve done before. Keep an eye on this space because I will be doing a giveaway on the release day! Here’s the link in case anyone’s interested:

I got a lot of positive reaction to my Equality blog last week and it made me so happy to see so many people who feel the same as I do. We are still waiting for the Supreme Court to make their decisions but I’m going to keep hoping for the best.

In other news, I have almost completed my current WIP and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. Once it’s finished, I will go back to the beginning and EDIT EDIT EDIT before submitting it to my wonderful publisher. And if they accept it then you know what comes next….? That’s right…more editing to take care of all the stupid mistakes that I missed when I looked it over the first three times. It’s embarrassing to have your complete and utter stupidity pointed out to you and I admire all the hard work that my editors do on my behalf. They always help make my story better in so many ways.

Other things I’m thinking about? North Korea and what Kim Jong-Un hopes to accomplish with all his posturing and threats. I know, discussing politics is bad taste but it’s not something that can be ignored. From where I’m sitting, there is nothing to be gained from threatening to attack one of the most powerful nations in existence other than having the rest of the world looking at you and shaking their heads in disbelief. For the most part, he seems like a toddler having a tantrum and it would be laughable…except for newspaper article I read years ago that said the last world war wouldn’t be started by one of the “super powers” but by a small nation with grand ambitions who couldn’t hope to accomplish anything but the end of the world by accident.

It’s a very scary thought.

Anyway…on a happier note, spring seems to be trying to find its way to my part of Canada but man, is it ever slow going. They are calling for snow again this weekend and just the thought of it has me wanting to dive under the covers and sleep till it’s over.

As for the fic rec…Ink by Isabelle Rowan is a wonderful vampire story that took me on a journey that made me cry as much as it made me smile. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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