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My world is still frozen and I have a big mouth….

Feb 24th…4 more days until the end of the most dreaded month, at least for those of us who don’t have the strange obsession with risking life and limb to slip around on pieces of fiberglass and wood in freezing temperatures. I’m much better at the whole “sitting by the fire with spiked hot chocolate while reading…or writing…or doing anything that doesn’t require being outside. But I have to be honest…I’m tired of being stuck in the house.

So, a few things to chat about today…the first one being Arizona and it’s attempts to put equality back 50 years. The legislators in this fine state have put forth a law that allows business owners to discriminate against the LGBT community based on religious beliefs. Well, doesn’t this just open a bucket of worms.

So, you think that gay couple is the very example of sin so you can show them out of your restaurant. Lesbians want you to provide the flowers for their wedding? How disgusting…kick them to the curb.

But wait how about this one…this woman wants to work for you but your precious religious beliefs tell you that women belong at home cooking and cleaning and serving their man (hello Pat Robertson) so you can refuse to hire her based on your religious beliefs.

Couldn’t happen you say? Well here’s the problem. The people who want to make laws based on religious beliefs have a tendency to forget that there is more than one kind of religion in the world and that each one comes with its own set of rules and regulations that their followers are supposed to adhere to. When you say that people can discriminate based on what their religion says that means ALL religions.

Maybe someone should start a religion that says legislators can only be allowed in public if they crawl. Lets see how they feel about being humiliated in public because someone’s god supposedly says it’s okay to treat them that way.

And before you get all upset and in my face, I’d like you to think about how you’d feel if you were forced to follow ALL the rules set out in the bible and not only adhere to the ones that you think are important.

Oh man, I’m running into dangerous territory here…let’s change the subject for now.

How about another topic completely relevant to me…reviews.

Once again over on Goodreads we have the case of a writer behaving badly. Someone wrote a bad review of their story and the author and their friends bullied the reviewer until she pulled her review.

Now, as a writer I know this is unacceptable behavior. Bullying in any form is just wrong and I don’t support it in any way. It’s totally a reviewers right to say whatever they want about something they read and the writer has to just sit back and take it. They put their stuff out there and once they do the work is public domain. Shut up and quit complaining because someone completely trashed something that you poured your heart and soul into creating. I know the rules and I follow them because I value what little writing career I have.

However, I do have one thing to say. I also write reviews and never once has it occurred to me to say something mean-spirited or personal about a story or it’s author, no matter how bad it is. I make sure to keep my comments and critiques to what’s written on the page (or my computer, whatever) and I try to be constructive instead of hurtful. I know that I probably hurt some people’s feelings when I don’t like their story but it’s never what I set out to do. I guess because I know how it feels to be on the other side of the review…

And maybe, just maybe, people writing reviews should remember that just because it’s their right to say what they want (and I’m definitely not arguing that) it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t stop and think about HOW they say it and why. I get lots of bad reviews and I know that I probably deserve a lot of the criticism I get. Writing never stops being a learning process and I’m the first to admit that I still have a lot to learn. But I will learn a lot more by being told how I can do things better rather than just being told it sucked.

Too often people get attention by being mean. They defend it by saying they are just “blunt and honest”. I’m a big fan of both bluntness and honesty, I just think that you can be both without being cruel.

Anyway, I’m not reccing anyone today. I’ve said a lot of things that will probably get me into trouble and I don’t want to bring wrath down on anyone’s head by association.

Oh, one last thing. The Olympics are over and Canada came home 25 medals richer. While I still don’t believe that Russia deserved to be hosting the best in the world, I supported the athletes from all over the world who participated and I am very proud of the way Canada’s athletes represented us!!!



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February Blues…how I hate you and a few lovely stories to rec!

I hate February. It’s so dark and cold and for the shortest month, it seems to last forever. I always think…if I can just make it through, then hopefully the start of spring is on the other side.

This winter has been particularly blah for me because I got to used to going out walking last fall that being stuck in the house now is almost painful. But not as painful as the two falls I’ve already had on slippery sidewalks and so I am not even trying to venture out for some exercise. I’m entirely too large to be hitting the ground that fast and hard.

I’ve decided to join a gym. A real one. I belonged to Curves before but I suspect that I need a little more “push” than I was getting there and they are opening a Snap Fitness here in town. Now, if only I can manage to get a routine going that will help me without breaking me and please god, don’t let me die of embarrassment. My brother’s wonderful fiancée is going to join with me and maybe my mom too so at least I won’t be there all by myself all the time.

Now, on the writing front. I had to sign autographs yesterday…and it was weird. Dreamspinner sent me velum sheets to sign that will be put into the first 20 copies of the “Wrapped Up in Chains” paperback that will be going up for pre sale soon. They are doing the cover reveal today over on the Blog of Sid Love. Check it out later!

I still can’t believe I’m gonna have a paperback…**giggles uncontrollably**…I can’t wait to hold it in my hand.

Also, yesterday my short Valentine story called “Breaking Cupid’s Curse” Went on sale at Torquere press so if you’re looking for something short, sweet and a little hot, check it out. It’s available on Amazon and at ARE as well.

My wolf-shifter WIP is coming along slowly but surely. I have a few people who have decided I need to be poked and prodded along a little more and so they are taking that task very seriously. And they’re right. Every time I get a case of “insecurity” I tend to fall off the writing wagon.

I’m now down to one job after 5 years of 7 days a week and I’m hoping the extra time will be beneficial to my writing. Also, I’m getting my first three-day weekend in 5 years this coming weekend…whatever shall I do?

And how about those Olympics! I’m glad to see Canada doing so well. I’m not watching the events and I think Putin should be kicked in the ass, but I totally support all the athletes that are competing!

I do think the other countries that are competing should be offended and insulted at how unfinished everything is. The situation seems to be uncomfortable at the least and downright dangerous in some cases. They’ve known for how many years that this happening? Maybe they should have put some of the police to work as laborers seeing as how they can be bothered to do police work…like stopping members of the LGTBQ community from being terrorized by so-called “vigilante” groups. And at least if they were working, they wouldn’t have time to arrest people for being gay.

Yes, I may be a tad bit angry and disgusted with the whole situation.

Anyway, now I have some recommendations that Mr. Putin would definitely not approve of.

My dear friend Ashavan Doyon has two very different stories he’s recently released.

The Colors of Romance is a short story from the Dreamspinner Valentine anthology. It’s sweet and romantic and I loved every word. If you’re looking for a smile, this is the story for you! You can get it here:

If you like to cry a little before getting your happy ending, I suggest “I Almost Let You”. It has angst galore and two men you will be desperate to see work things out. You can find it here:

Now, if you’re interested in my new release, “Breaking Cupid’s Curse”, then you can find it here:

And as usual, it’s on Amazon along with all my other stories.

This is the link to my author’s page on Dreamspinner:

Keep watching for the pre-sale on “Wrapped Up in Chains” and also the Spanish translation of “All The Things I Didn’t See!”

Here is another picture from my friend Ty. It sure makes me wish it was summer!


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