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I can’t believe I finished! Now the fun begins…and a book rec

Wow, after two years, tons of angst and tears, I finally finished my WIP. Love Aggression has been a labour of love and it’s been a hell of a thing to write. I’m so glad it’s done.

After walking away from it for a couple of days, the time has come to start going over it and get it ready for submission. After all this, if my publisher doesn’t take it, I might just lose my freaking mind.

The title Love Aggression comes from a conversation I had with a friend of mine. We were talking about his dog, a pit bull that was a rescue animal. The dog had issues because he had been abused and starved so he was so terrified of his meal being taken away that it made him very aggressive at feeding time. This friend had another dog as well and so both animals had to be fed in separate rooms or the rescue dog would attack the other one if she came even close to his food. This behaviour is called food aggression and is common in animals who have survived being starved.

I was writing this book at the time and in my mind I wondered, what would you do if you’d never had a family, never felt like you’d been loved by anyone and then you found everything you’d been looking for but never expected to have. How far would you go to protect and keep that love in your life if someone bad was threatening to take it away from you, especially when you’re a wolf shifter whose animal instincts tend to have more influence over your personality as a whole.

So, the name got in my head and it sort of became a driving force behind the story, figuring out how my main character dealt with the threat to the family he’d put together.

Now, I know some of you reading this are wondering what a wolf-shifter is. The best I can come up with is that they are sort of like a werewolf, without all the “grrrrr kill and eat people” that seems to come with the full moon in all the movies. It’s probably my favorite genre for books at the moment and I really can’t get enough of reading them.

So, as for the fun part that’s just starting? Going over the damn thing, looking for spelling, grammar and continuity mistakes and knowing full well that if the publisher takes it, their editors will find a few hundred more mistakes that I’m going to miss. I have to check the formatting and make sure it’s ready to be submitted.

And I have to write a synopsis, which is basically me, trying to sum up two years of blood, sweat and tears into a paragraph or two and entice my publisher into taking it. It’s an impossible task that drives me out of what’s left of my mind.

Once it’s been sent off in a hopefully email, there’s two or three months of nail-biting and hand-wringing as I wait and see if all my hopes and dreams are going to be crushed.

I know, it all sounds very dramatic but that’s how it honestly feels to me. Imagine if someone told you that “it’s a really great attempt, but your child just doesn’t make the cut, so throw it out and try something else.” As my friend keeps telling me, I kind of over think everything….it’s truly a curse, lol.

So, what do I do while I’m waiting? Reading…cause I never stop that. Reviewing, because that let’s me read more, and of course, writing. There’s always another little plot bunny running around in my head, and I have at least two other WIP started and abandoned in favour of getting Love Aggression finished.

And there’s life stuff, what with working and housecleaning and everything else. I’ll have friends and family to keep me distracted and some, like Ash and Dani and Louse who will prop me up and keep me from worrying too much. And smack me (virtually) when I moan about not being good enough and how I know it’s going to be rejected. They’re good friends.

And speaking of reading and shifter stories, I just read a fantastic one.

Otter Chaos by P.D. Singer is a wonderful story that just pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go. I love how the author portrays both the human version of Lon and the otter version. She gets inside his head and makes us fall in love with him.

Corey is the most understanding of boyfriends and completely enraptured by Lon.

It’s been a while since I loved a book so much, so I highly recommend Otter Chaos and it included the short that got the story started, Tail Slide.

You can find it here at Amazon.

And of course, you can find all my stuff at here and here at Dreamspinner Press.

This photo by Anthony Aceto seems like a good example of where wolves might like to run!



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Coming Out

AJ Rose Books

A few years ago, I wasn’t out. Anywhere. I followed the rules, did what I was supposed to, what was expected of me, behaved myself. And was fucking miserable. So I had to do it. Had to say, “Hey, this is who I am, and let’s talk about what this means for how we interact.” Most people reading this would say, that’s brave. That’s awesome. Be yourself!

Okay, so I need to come out again. As a woman writing with a male persona in the m/m romance genre.

I’m not going to presume your reactions, only hope that those of you still reading this will consider my explanation.

You know, I’ve written all my life, in some form or another. Even when I was in a relationship where my writing anything more than a résumé or a grocery list was frowned upon unless it was helpful to him, I still managed…

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Embracing My Life and Myself

Theo Fenraven

You know me as Fen: male, thirtiesh, dark hair, primarily attracted to men but also love women. I’m politically inclined (liberal), generous to friends (and sometimes to strangers), sarcastic, and have a wicked sense of humor. I love my dog, Suki, live in Florida (dream come true!), write books, edit for a living, and take photographs of my world.

Not all of the above is true, and I have lately had an epiphany that prompts me to come out in a way I never have before. To borrow from Edmond Manning’s beautiful series of books, I’m going to king myself. I have the power, and I’m not waiting for Vin to show up and do it. I am a found king.

The tagline on the blog says “Let me tell you a story….” It’s the internet, folks, where no one knows you’re a cat. Everyone thinks they know me, but arguably, they don’t know…

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Wrapped up in Chains by Cindy Sutherland

Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Title: Wrapped Up in Chains
Author: Cindy Sutherland
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 250
Sub-Genre: BDSM, Contemporary
Kisses: 5


Devon and Chase were abused by the same Dom, James. Now a Dom himself, Devon rescues Chase. But James is still obsessed with Devon.
Devon West is a professional Dom who runs his own club, doesn’t believe in romance, and has never been in a long-term relationship. All this changes when he rescues Chase Mackenzie.

Chase is a runaway who has been kept as a slave since he was sixteen. Now twenty-three, he’s still innocent and sweet despite being severely abused and left behind by his Dom.

When Devon finds out that the man who held Chase hostage is the same man who hurt him terribly when he started learning about the sub/Dom lifestyle, he knows he has to keep Chase safe.

Spoiled rich boy and sociopath James Kingston is obsessed…

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I’m always so busy but nothing ever gets done…with a fantastic fic rec.

So, Christmas has come and gone along with the new year. I didn’t make any resolutions because I believe that’s just setting yourself up to fail. I am trying to get back onto my healthy eating thing and once my dad’s knee has recovered enough, we will be going to pick up the treadmill my cousin Joanne has waiting for me so I can get some exercise. Thanks for your patience Joanne.

I thought about trying to go for walks in the snow, but to be honest, when it’s not too freakin cold, it’s too damned slippery. I’ve fallen twice this winter so far and messed up my shoulder a bit so I’m gonna keep my activities indoors until the weather is a bit more Cindy-friendly. I’d like to join a gym come March but since Curves closed, I’m a little intimidated about joining one of the other gyms in town. Fat chick working out beside the muscle bound guys and perky girls? Might sound motivating but mostly it’s just depressing…and a little scary. My self-esteem can only take so many catty remarks and disgusted looks before self-preservation and my big mouth kick in. We will see.

What else is going on? I’ve gotten through the first set of edits for Breaking Cupid’s Curse, which is coming from Torquere Press on February 12th as part of their Conversation Hearts Anthology. I’ve also done the first set of edits for Wrapped Up in Chains, approved the amazing cover the art department came up with and approved the blurb for the story. I’ll be having a big cover reveal thingy coming up when my lovely adviser from The Blog of Sid Love and I come up with a plan. Thanks Dani! I’m very, very happy with the cover and I’m excited to share it with you all. WUIC is coming from Dreamspinner Press in late March or Early April. Please don’t judge my shameless plug.

Let me tell you though, this whole editing more than one story at a time thing is very difficult and nerve-racking, especially as they are coming from two very different places in my head.

Throw my WIP into the mix and there are a lot of things going on in this head of mine. I’m hoping to make some changes in the near future that will mean I’m less tired and have more time to write where I’m not nodding off with my head on keyboard.

I’d promise to be less distracted by my social media in the future but you all know that just ain’t gonna happen. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends that I keep in contact with there and also, I follow some amazing people, some of who make me laugh on a regular basis, while others sometimes make me cry. Being house-bound because of the weather sucks but I do find a few places to get my kicks.

Other than that? I’m doing my reviews for the Blog of Sid Love and hey, getting free reads AND being able to voice my opinion? You all know that’s heaven for me!

And speaking of my opinion…I have an amazing fic rec for you. Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane is a wonderful story full of characters you can’t help but fall in love with. The innocent and oblivious Rusty will steal your heart while Oliver and his love for Rusty will make you smile. You will want to wrap them both up in your arms and keep them safe from everyone who wants to hurt them. I had as many tears reading this as I did smiles, and sometimes I had both at the same time. Trust me when I tell you, if you’re feeling down, this is the book to bring you back up.

You can find it here at ARE:

or here at Amazon:

or here at Riptide Publishing:

And as usual, you can find me here at Dreamspinner Press:

And here at Amazon:

I’d also like to share this pic that a friend of mine took. I love it and when I look at it, I’m reminded that not every place is living in the deep-freeze like I am and that eventually, summer will come back.Thanks Ty!


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Guest Author: Ashavan Doyon

A wonderful interview with two of my favorite authors…

The Land Of Make Believe

I ‘met’ today’s guest during my Facebook chat for the release of Purpose. Unlike most of the other visitor, Ashavan really peppered me with questions – he basically asked me to justify why he should plunk down his money on my book – politely of course. In the end I managed to convince him to read the book, which made me feel good because he clearly was/is picky about what he reads.

Then I saw his newest work – Loving Aidan – had been released, so I hunted it down. I’m not a ‘buy the book by the cover’ kinda reader, but the cover was pretty cool. I finally approached Ashavan about an interview and he agreed. So – with that, here’s today’s guest author.

Guest Author: Ashavan Doyon.

Welcome Ashavan, why don’t you start by telling everyone a bit about yourself.


Thanks Andy. I’m a writer, and so I…

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It’s Coming Soon!

From Theo Fenraven!

Theo Fenraven

Blue River is on Dreamspinner’s Coming Soon page and available for pre-order for those of you who just can’t wait! 🙂

Note: this is a second edition. First edition was published through MRL Press over two years ago. I got my rights back, and I expanded this version to almost double the original length; it also tells Quinn’s side of the encounter with Ethan.

Transgression update: I am *this close* to finishing the first draft. I love this part of the book. All the loose ends are getting tied up and writing seems to accelerate the closer I get to typing “the end.” This is different from my other stories, as you know, and I really hope it finds its audience. I’m pretty sure there is one out there for it, but only time will tell.

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