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It’s a new year (almost) and here’s some observations…and a fic rec!

So, it’s December 29th and the new year is almost upon us. This isn’t where I was hoping to be at this time last year.

I was hoping to have at least one more novel submitted (and hopefully accepted) and maybe a couple of short stories for anthologies but I’m still plugging away at the same WIP although I seem to have broken the dam (knock on wood) and it’s coming along and growing into something I think I’ll be proud of.

I found out this morning that my novel Wrapped Up in Chains is going to be made into an audio book and man, I thought going through edits of my work felt strange, but listening to someone read my words out loud is really amazing and really freaky at the same time. It’s a little overwhelming actually but I’m so happy to have this opportunity. I think audio books are really important and not just to the blind.

My dad is a truck driver and he spends a lot of long, boring, lonely nights on the road, a lot of times in places with no radio access and the goes through a ton of audio books. They’ve probably saved his sanity on more than one occasion. But don’t listen to mine dad…just…don’t, lol.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I spend a lot of time thinking way too damn much and this time of year has me reflecting on what has happened over the past year…the good and the bad.

I had a book that went to number one in its genre and categories on Amazon. I never, ever expected that and I am so grateful to everyone who supported me through the craziness that came with getting that book published and promoted.

Thank you especially to my friends on twitter who passed the word along. I asked and you answered with enthusiastic yeses and I know that if it wasn’t for your support, I wouldn’t have gotten that far.

I took my daughter to her first Pride and had an epiphany. The reactions I was waiting for that never happened because she’s being raised in a different world than I grew up in and no one could have been prouder of their child. She’s smart, good-hearted and doesn’t put up with intolerance or bigotry of any kind. She doesn’t understand the fight for equality because for her, there should be no fight. She’s still young enough to believe that what’s right is what should be and as she gets older, I look forward to seeing the kind of woman she’s going to become. I just know she’s gonna be fierce.

I’ve met people who amaze the hell out of me. People who make me smile on a daily basis and even though I’ve never laid eyes on them (and probably never will) they’ve become the kind of friends I’ve always dreamed of having.

It’s not all been great. My sister moved away to make her life better and while I understood it, I still missed her terribly and no one is happier than me that she’s moving back in a few weeks, with her fiancé in tow. I can’t wait to just hang out with her again

My husband and I got to take Meghan to the Calgary Zoo on what I’m pretty sure was the hottest day of the year but it was still awe-inspiring. We also got to take her to Banff and show her what is probably my most favorite place in the world.

So, what am I looking forward to this year?

Getting this damned book done, and maybe another one I have started but put to the side concentrate on the shifter story. Other than that? I have no idea where I’m going or how I’m going to get there. I only know that I keep chugging along, trying to never give up and hope for the brightest possible future for my beautiful daughter.

So Happy New Year folks. I hope it brings you lots of love, happiness and success!

And now for the fic rec.

I read the most amazing series last month. It’s called the Free Men Series by Kate Aaron and consists of three stories called The Slave, The Soldier and The Master. They are about three men who find their way together and each book is told from a different point of view. The three stories run consecutively and are really just one tale broken into three parts. I highly recommend these novels that I can only describe as a sort of historical fantasy mashup. Tam, Kai and Lysander will draw you in and keep you intrigued. They will steal your heart and make you cry before making everything better with a hopeful ending.

You can find this series and all her books here on Amazon.

And of course you can find me here on Amazon

Or here at Dreamspinner.

And because I love his photographs, here’s another one from my photographer friend Anthony Aceto




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Some thoughts on December 1st….World Aids Day, Writing stress and a fic rec!

So, the first thought on my mind? It’s World AIDS Day today so let’s do our part to spread awareness not only about the disease itself but also about the people who are working to stop it.

Here is the link to the World Aids Day Page

Number one on your list of things that you can do  to protect yourself is know your status. Get tested. 25 percent of HIV positive people in Canada don’t know that they are infected. It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and to do your part to protect the people you may become intimate with.

The second thing you can do is be safe. First and foremost, use a condom. Unless you are in a committed, monogamous relationship, then there should always be a condom involved when you have sex. People are not always truthful, ladies and gents. They can claim to be negative all they want, but unless you were standing right there when they were tested, is it really worth the chance?

Not to mention the other reasons to be safe…STD’s and pregnancy. Do you know how many men are paying child support to women who didn’t realize that things like drinking and medicines can play havoc with their birth control pills? And you can’t tell just by looking at most people what kind of nasty bugs might be lurking around in their bloodstreams.

And ladies, if you are planning a night out, tuck a few of those little foil squares into your purse or jacket pockets so that there is no excuse for him to not suit up if you happen to find “Mr. Right Now” at your local watering hole.

HIV is a disease that doesn’t discriminate…men and women, gay or straight…we are all equally vulnerable so please, protect yourselves.

I don’t know enough about PrEP to be for or against it yet, but I have included the link so you can look it up yourself.

Here are some facts about HIV in Canada

Spread the word, not the disease.

The second thing on my mind today is my Shifter story. I was looking back at some old blog posts and I have been struggling with this for so long. I still believe in this story so it’s frustrating that it’s taking me so long to get it out. I think because it’s so important to me, I keep getting hung up on getting it perfect and when it feels like it’s not, then it makes me stuck, like I’m wading through waist-deep mud.

I also have another story that’s started, but part of the problem is that when I’m working on it, I feel guilty about the Shifter story, like I’m neglecting a child or something.

Sigh, why did I ever decide I want to be a writer? Lol, kidding…mostly. It’s been an amazing journey so far, even with all the stress and angst that comes along with it.

I really did want to get this story submitted this year, but unless a miracle happens, that’s not in the cards. Ah well, it’s something for my New Year’s resolutions list then isn’t it?

Now for my fic rec….

A Still, Small Voice by D.W. Marchwell is a delightful story about a man who comes to realize that the people who really love you stand by you and treat you with respect. This story had an added smile for me because it take’s place in the city I grew up in and so I could picture all the places the main characters visited as I read the story. Give Noah and Oscar a chance and I bet you will be as smitten with them as I was. Check it out here at Dreamspinner Press.

As always, I’m here at Dreamspinner and also on Amazon.

And as a treat, here’s a beautiful photograph by my photographer friend Anthony Aceto!



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