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Equality…why it matters to me.

So, I’ve tried to keep my opinions to myself on this blog. Controversy kills, so they say, but with everything going on in the Supreme court in the next little while, I can’t hold my tongue.

The first thing I want to point out is that I’m Canadian. I live in the middle of the Prairies and marriage equality has been a reality here for a while now. I’d also like to point out that we don’t have gay marriage or straight marriage…it’s just marriage…no qualifiers. And I’m damned proud of that.

People keep asking me, why does equality matter to me? What made me take up the cause of LGBT rights? Do I know a lot of gay people? Nope. Until a few years ago, I’d never met an openly gay man or woman and as far as I know, no one in my family is gay, so I guess people feel like it’s okay to ask.

But really it’s not. You shouldn’t have to ask. It’s a cause that everyone should be rallying around until there isn’t a cause anymore. Everyone should be outraged that any person in our society can still be treated like a second class citizen by anyone simply because of who they love.

When you think about it, can you imagine anything more ridiculous than being hated for loving someone? When I say it out loud, it sounds even worse and I wonder how those spewing their bigotry don’t hear how horrible they sound to so many people.

I just watched a video where this woman says that gays and lesbians should be locked in separate pens behind electric fences so that they can’t reproduce. All I could do was laugh and shake my head. Because gays and lesbians are running around having sex with each other to make more gay babies. It’s kind of funny when you think about it though. Her train of thought could be said to make the case that people are born gay instead of choosing that “lifestyle”.

So, why this cause? Why not the still horrible treatment of minorities or women’s rights? I don’t know. Maybe I think they are all related. If it’s okay to treat one segment of the population with disrespect and keep them in fear, then what’s to stop it from spreading?

And maybe it’s because I can sort of relate. No, I’m not a lesbian. What I am is a fat woman living in a world that prizes beauty above all else. And I know there’s big differences. Most of you would probably point out that I can diet and exercise more and be skinny like everyone thinks I should be and I guess that’s true.

But the thing that’s the same? It’s nobodies business but mine. I’m not hurting anyone by being overweight except myself. And don’t give me the lines about being a burden on the health system. You can do that on the day that you don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t drive a car…all things that can lead to health problems. I haven’t been to the doctor in the last 6 months and only once in the last year. I’m not a burden on anything.

It’s the same with who you love. What goes on in your bedroom is no one else’s business but yours and that’s how it should be. You want to stop hearing about equality and gay rights? Then don’t make it an issue. Just do the right thing, let everyone live their lives and stop trying to tell people who they can have in their lives and in their beds.

Is it being shoved in your face all the time right now? Yes, of course it is. It’s the only way to get the people who should be listening and fighting to pay attention. There’s that old saying “squeaky wheel gets the grease”. This is us being squeaky. I know my friends who are gay would much rather be focusing on other things…like living their lives, spending time with their families and NOT thinking about whether or not their loved ones are going to have to fight to get the help they need if something bad happens to them.

There’s another saying and I’m not sure how it goes exactly, but basically it says that someone else getting the same rights that you already have doesn’t take anything away from you. Nothing has ever been more true. It shouldn’t matter to you that the husband of Jack in the next office has the right to the same benefits that your husband or wife would have if you had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital or died. It’s not hurting you if Janice down the street doesn’t have to fight to see her wife in the hospital after a horrible accident because in the eyes of the law, their 18-year marriage is just as valid as yours is.

Human beings can be a greedy bunch. When something is special to us, we want to keep it that way. Same sex marriage doesn’t diminish the more “traditional” form, it makes it more important. Being married is so important that these amazing people are willing to fight for the right to do it. To me, that’s something that should make you smile and hold the person you love tighter because you are lucky enough to have that already.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t offended anyone. This is just something I feel so passionate about and I think it’s my responsibility to uphold my beliefs and try to spread them around.

And to all my friends down in the States who are waiting for the outcome of these court hearings, I hope you get what you desire and what you deserve. It’s time for the Supreme Court to settle this matter and I hope they find the guts to do it.

Hugs my friends.



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Hunt and Pray pre-order! And snow…god I’m sick of it…

I’m so excited that Hunt and Pray, my thriller/romance novella is available on Dreamspinner for pre-order and it will be out on April 10th!

I’m very excited for this one, as it’s different from anything I’ve ever written. I wrote it in response to a challenge my best friend gave me. I was sure I couldn’t write anything darker and he was sure I could. I guess he was right.

It’s the story of a reporter who ends up on the wrong side of a story he was investigating and his unexpected rescuer. I’m very proud of it and I hope everyone reading it enjoys it.

This is the link if you’re interested in pre-ordering.

And the snow…god I’m sick of it. We have more now than we’ve had all winter. It snowed for four days straight and it’s seriously got me considering packing up and moving to a warmer climate. The view out my front door this morning.


Yeah, I know…yuck! Now don’t get me wrong, even though I’m not an outdoor winter kind of girl I don’t mind the snow…at the appropriate time. The end of March? That shit should be melting! I’m starting to suffer from a little bit of cabin fever I suppose.

See, I don’t drive. Never have. Everyone jokes about my lack of driving skills but truthfully, I’m a chicken. Driving is too much responsibility. Getting behind the wheel means not only taking my own life into my hands but everyone else’s as well.

I just don’t trust myself that much.

So walking is how I get to most places. I live in a small town and it’s easy to get to most places. And it’s not like I couldn’t use the exercise. Also, there are cabs to get me around if I really need it.

But when it’s -15 c on a regular basis (that’s 5F for you Americans) and icy as hell, walking loses some of its charm.

So, that’s my Monday rant. A little good, a little bad and just for shits and giggles, I will throw in a fic rec.

Seizing It by Chris T Kat is a wonderful story of a young man determined to do things on his own, even if his own body doesn’t always make it easy. I loved the determination this character had and how the person who falls for him finds his way past the defensive outer shell that the young man throws up.


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Why do I do this to myself? And a fic rec too!

So, I work really hard, get myself down to one WIP that I should have finished long ago and what do I do? Start two more WIP’s, one for a challenge that hasn’t even been announced yet and a couple of stories for people’s birthday’s.

Don’t get me wrong, the birthday one’s I love to do. I ask my friends which fandom they want and I whip up a little one shot and that’s that.

But these others…they got into my brain and now they won’t get out. Picking the first, should have been done already story out of my brain is difficult when I have high school boys and an apocalypse rolling around as well. Yes, I did say apocalypse. See what I mean?

And I’m so excited to finish the first WIP because I really can’t wait to send it to my publisher. I think it’s a really good storyline and I hope they like it. I’m a little worried though, because it’s a little stuck between genre’s. It’s a BDSM lifestyle story with very little of the lifestyle in it because of one of the character’s situation. I’m concerned that it’s going to be too much for some folks but not enough for others. It’s a real quandary.

Wow, that just sounds confusing when I read it. Sigh…I guess it is.

And in two stories, I am stuck on the sex. Trying to make it interesting while moving the plot along. The one story needs the sex as part of the plot, the other, the sex is part of the gift. The things I do for the people I love.

Anyway, hoping to have something finished by the end of the weekend. Until then, I’m recommending this fic to keep you occupied! Have an excellent weekend folks.

The Rule of Sebastian by Shelter Somerset is an excellent mystery that will keep you guessing all the way through. I love a good who-done-it and this one has that little extra of a romance between two damaged people who need some companionship. If you want a story that will keep you guessing, then this is it.

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Monday again….and another fic rec.

Anyone else tired of winter? Raise your hand if you wish you were somewhere warmer…preferably somewhere with sand, blue water and an umbrella drink. And a cabana boy to bring you more.

I’m having trouble finding my writing mojo in this weather. The two feet of snow we had Saturday night seems to be sitting exactly on top of my muse. The sad part is, if I could just get this next chapter down, I’d feel so much better.

On the up side, I sent what I hope are the final edits for ‘Hunt and Pray’ back on Friday and I’m looking forward to it popping up on the Dreamspinner coming soon page. The Italian translation of ‘All the Things I Didn’t See’ should be there soon as well. I’m so excited about both of them. I think ‘Hunt and Pray’ is going to be one of my best!

What else am I looking forward to? The Nuke Bigbang. It’s a fandom writing challenge that should be coming up, and I have half a story already written that I am dying to submit for it. It’s an apocalypse fic that is really exciting me.

But mostly, I’m looking forward to spring. Going out for walks in the evening, playing with the kids in the yard (once it’s cleaned up) and barbecues. I really, really want a good barbecued steak with a nice salad and a glass of wine while sitting on my deck.

All I can say is that I hope the weather in your part of the world is a whole lot better than it is here.

Now for the fic rec. Fettered by Lyn Gala was the perfect sub/Dom story. I have to admit, I love these stories but I tend to lean toward the ones where the Dom is loving and caring and Vin is exactly like that…even if it’s slightly against his will. Dylan is a sweet young man who goes looking for some answers about himself and luckily enough lands in the exact place he can find them. Miss Dolphinia is an unlikely but very effective fairy godmother who will steal your heart a little. This has become a personal favorite and it is inspiring me in my own writing. I hope my scenes turn out half as perfect as Lyn’s!

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