Life runs away with me…and a fic rec

So, long time no blog, huh? Summer life is just too damn busy! I often wonder how I ever got anything accomplished when I was working seven days a week..

Had a little vacation last week. First one in five years. Took an extra long weekend, packed up the kid, her cousin, the dog and the hubby and drove to my sisters to hang out. It was still crazy, but it was fun.

Went to the Calgary Zoo on Sunday (bad idea on the August long weekend, btw) and spent the day NOT looking at animals that I paid a crap-load of money to see because they were smarter than me. While I spent hours walking around in 30C heat, frying on the pavement, most of the critters were hunkered down in somewhere much cooler and probably laughing their asses off at us.

Dinner at Nando’s that night was pretty damned good. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a Portuguese restaurant that specializes in fire-grilled chicken. Everything was damned tasty and the little custard filled tarts for dessert are now on my favorites list. We ended up there because my daughter, who is obsessed by 1D and 5SOS (Google if you’re confused), was dying to go because her favorite bands love the place. And of course it’s only in Calgary. It was well worth the driving through the crazy to get there.

Monday was the part I’d been dying for. We drove to Banff and spent the day walking the streets, checking out the shops and visiting the Banff Springs Hotel. The hotel is a gorgeous place to sight-see but I wouldn’t stay there for anything. Haunted venues are not for overnight stays.

I love the mountains. I could spend days there, just walking around and exploring. It was a wonderful time with my family and with all the jewelry stores my sister and her boyfriend visited in Banff, I wasn’t surprised that he became her fiance by the end of last week. I’m so happy for them!

So, that’s all that’s been up on the home front. Now, for the writing…it’s going slow. I managed to finish a fandom story for a challenge and I was pretty happy with it. I’m still slogging along on my wolfshifter story. I’m so proud of it and I want it done but it’s really hard this time and I’m not sure why.

But I’m pretty sure that when it’s done…and it will be done…that it will be the best thing I’ve ever written. I probably just jinxed myself but whatever.

So, I have been getting some reading done and I recently read BAMF by SJD Peterson and I loved it. Nothing like strong men trying so hard to take care of each other and discovering something new about themselves. I highly recommend it! You can get it here from Dreamspinner as well as from Amazon and ARE.

And of course you can get all my stuff from Dreamspinner here.

And here’s a couple of beautiful pictures by a friend of mine who’s on a journey to become a photographer. Thanks Anthony Aceto!





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2 responses to “Life runs away with me…and a fic rec

  1. lovely blog Cindy good to see you writing again
    cannot wait to read the wolfshifter story !

    hugs Dani

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