A few words from another writer in my family….

My 12-year-old daughter wrote this today. She says its how bullying makes her feel. It’s an assignment she wrote for school and I’m so damned proud I could smile and cry at the same time. I’m raising her to be kind, compassionate and understanding. She doesn’t put up with bigotry or intolerance and she will defend anyone whether she knows them or not. It scares me because it’s a scary world out there and I want to keep her safe, but I won’t stop her from being who she is. She’s going to attend pride with me this year and she’s so excited already. I can’t wait. The people in the poem are made up characters but the feelings are real and all hers.

Dear people who put me down,
I’m done listening to you clowns,
Done crying at night,
Done hoping for a little light.

What started out as ‘joking’ and ‘fun’,
Went downhill as quick as the sun,
You teased and taunted- I never as why,
It went darker then the night sky.

You’re words would cut, scratch and bruise,
You acted like it was as fun as a summer cruise,
But the waves turned rocky,
You got too cocky.

Diana Marie,
You would hurt me,
In more ways than one,
I bet you never thought I’d be done.

I know you will never change,
It’s like the sweetness you show to others is trapped in a cage,
Unlike me,
Who holds the key.

And then you pull in John,
You would con,
Make him as bitter as you,
Or maybe he would be just a cue.

Then it happened;

What started out as words,
“losers’ and ‘nerds’,
Quickly escalated,
And I contemplated.

Contemplated the Pro’s and Con’s,
Of telling someone,
Or fighting back,
Though it may only be a smack.

Then the emotional and mental cuts,
Became real and there was no ‘what’s’ or ‘buts’,
Because you still held onto,
The fake you.

You’re a monster in disguise,
Covered yourself in lies,
Nobody would believe me,
Said my lies was bigger than a tree,

But I know the real you,
The one where I would bruise,
Get accused,

I never once did a thing,
Though it started last spring,
When the birds were chatting away,
And I was in the play.

That girl who loved to act,
She would even chat,
To the people backstage,
Since a young age,

Is now gone,
She doesn’t get to see dawn,
Broken beyond repair,
Trapped down in a lair,

I call my heart,
She used to love art,
Then BOOM!
You walked in the room,

Calling me out,
You would scream and shout,
The damage was mind blowing,
My self-esteem was lowering and lowering,

So dear people who put me down,
Make fun of my knowledge of nouns,
Make me feel bad about my last test score,
I bet I got more,

Than you,
You think this is cool?
If you only knew,
The things you put me through,

Would’ve changed me,
Killed me,
From the inside out,
And I have no doubt,

That these thoughts never cross your mind,
But you must be blind,
If you can’t see,
What you’ve done to me,

So today’s the day that I’m set free,
Because todays the day I stay me,
The day that I stand up,
The day I’ve had enough,

The history nerds who remember the dates,
The science geeks going to NAIT,
The English losers who’ve read the book,
And the math people without the looks,
And from me,
Sandra Lee.



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6 responses to “A few words from another writer in my family….

  1. Stacey

    Amazing words !!!!! Xo

  2. LizE

    WOW as a teacher, I would love to share that with students. It is a very powerful child’s perspective. Thank you for sharing.

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