Monday morning of my big RELEASE WEEK…ramblings and a fic rec

You know, when I’m waiting for a novel to release, time somehow seems to speed up and slow down at the same time.

Once all the editing and cover making and all the other details are taken care of, I want it out as quickly as possible because I want everyone to see it and read it and love it!

But that’s also the problem. People are gonna see it and buy it (hopefully) and read it and what if the DON’T like it? The thought makes me tremble in my slippers and feel sick to my stomach. This is a little bit of my heart and soul that I’ve put down into words and the thought of people thinking it sucks is almost too much for my poor little writer self to bear. But then again that’s the nature of the writing beast. Write your little heart out and then put it out there for people to see, hoping they don’t trash you too badly.

My biggest bane of publishing is promoting. “What do you mean the book won’t sell itself?” Reminding myself that my name isn’t Stephen King or Danielle Steele, I am forced to accept that people will not buy my book just because my name is one the cover. Well, except maybe my family and friends. They probably will. (**waves** thanks guys)

So, promote I must. I post on Twitter and Facebook like crazy, tell pretty much every person I meet on the street about it and jump through all the hopes I can. One of the reasons I do my fic recs on here is to promote my fellow authors and hope that they will do the same for me. It’s good Karma and we can all us a little more than that. Besides, when I read something awesome, I feel like it’s my duty as a hardcore reader to share it with other people who might appreciate it.

On Friday I will be taking over the Dreamspinner Press Blog, talking about me and my novel and answering any questions that people might wanna ask. I hope someone actually shows up! You can check it out here if you’re interested: Dreamspinner Blog It’s my first time doing this so please bear with me as I probably make a fool out of myself. Oh and I will be giving away copies of Wrapped, so tune in to enter!

In other news, it’s finally nice enough for me to actually leave the house and get some exercise, so I’m starting up my routine again, walking at least three times a week and eating much better. I’m still waiting for the Snap Fitness to open and once it does, I will be getting by butt down there to join up. I have my starting weight recorded (nope, not sharing that) and I will go from there. Wish me luck!

So, now it’s time for a fic rec.

Something in the Way He Needs by C. Cardeno is a story about two men who’ve been looking for something and when they find it in each other, it seems like the least likely place for both of them. Asher is a man who needs routine and control and Daniel is the exact opposite, drifting he way through life. The attraction is instant and intense but being so different brings a lot of issues to overcome into their relationship. If they can get through them, it will be the best thing that could ever happen to either of them.

You can get it here at Dreamspinner:

And here at Amazon:

And of course, as always you can find my stories here at Amazon:

And here at Dreamspinner, including the pre-order for Wrapped Up in Chains:

Also, have another beautiful picture from my friend Ty! It’s kind of stormy but I love a good storm!




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2 responses to “Monday morning of my big RELEASE WEEK…ramblings and a fic rec

  1. Looking forward to it, Cindy!

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