Trying to be a healthier writer is killing me…and a fic rec.

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to get off my ass and do something about the weight I’ve gained back in the last year. I was doing so well and had lost almost 100 lbs but then along came real life and money issues so I quit the gym and Weight Watchers on-line to save money, convinced I could keep it up on my own.

Uh huh…not so much.

It all went to hell in a handbasket and I gained about half back. Now I’m determine to do much better. With the encouragement from my family and from a few friends on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve started a better choices routine that involves eating healthier things and going for long walks. Really long walks. I’m up to almost 4 miles now and I’m trying to go every second day. I’m feeling better than I have for a while and I’m trying to focus more on getting healthy and less on weight loss. I figure that the first one will eventually lead to the second.

The added bonus is that my daughter wants to join me on these walks and seeing as how I would prefer that she didn’t join her father and I in the severely over-weight category, I’m glad to have her along. Diabetes runs in both of our families so it’s I decided it would be better to not tempt fate.

Besides, if I drop dead over my computer, you would never get to read my new masterpiece, right?

It’s a good thing I like walking though. What I’m going to do once the snow flies, I don’t know, but I figure slogging through ass-deep snow (it’s not hard to come by, I’m really short) has got to be a good, hard workout, right? Good thing I’m a tough Canadian girl who knows how to weather the winters we get around here.

Any ideas for healthy recipes or indoor exercises I can do without a ton of equipment would be greatly appreciated BTW.

So, speaking of writing…my WIP didn’t work out from the other POV and so I just have to accept that the characters want different things than I do so, I will let them chose the way for now. Damned pushy characters…how dare they take on a life of their own!

I’m still waiting to hear back from Dreamspinner about the Valentine story I wrote. If they don’t take it, I will publish it here on my blog in two or three parts.

Let me tell you, balancing the exercise and the writing is not an easy job. When I get back from exercising the last thing my brain wants to do is think. In fact, it mostly is trying to convince me that I want to die. Dramatic? Yes, but it’s how I feel, lol.

Oh, I almost forgot. Went to Edmonton Expo this past weekend. It was amazing but I was completely overwhelmed. My daughter and I got autographs from John Barrowman who was absolutely hilarious. Then she got her picture taken with Karl Urban and he was so sweet to her.

Then came my turn. I not only go my pic taken with JB but I got to hug him as well. I have no words to describe how kind he was and let me tell you, his energy level would put the Energizer Bunny to shame.

Now for a fic rec.

The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas is a wonderful story about a young man who finds out that the love of his life is in fact two men. When Caleb breaks up with his boyfriend, he finds a new friend who takes him under his wing and introduces him to his other friends. Caleb isn’t sure what to think when he find himself attracted to a couple who seem to have an amazing relationship. When he finds out that they want him as well, he finds himself on a journey to discover his self-worth so that he can finally accept that these two men really do love him and want him to be an equal partner. The men are all adorable and oddly familiar for some reason and I think people who don’t normally like threesome stories will enjoy the sweetness and heat the author delivers.

Find it here at Dreamspinners:
And here at Amazon:

And as always, you can check me out here!

And here:



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4 responses to “Trying to be a healthier writer is killing me…and a fic rec.

  1. trudging through snow is excellent exercise. When I worked on my own weight loss many years ago, I walked EVERY day, without fail, even when there was snow.
    *sgih* I probably need to do that again.

  2. Well…I admire your perseverance – and your John Barrowman photo. I really need to pull my finger out and get myself sorted.- although I’m not expecting snow. I really wish I lived somewhere picturesque so getting out and about wasn’t quite so deadly dull. Now I just need to get my work / life (!) balance under control so I can find the time to sort myself out.

    • Balance is hard to find, Sarah. I feel like I’m losing the struggle with it every day, but somehow I keep going on. You will too. I offer you all the encouragement I have to getting your life on track.

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