Some rambling Tuesday thoughts with the usual fic rec.

Someone kick me in the ass and make me finishing editing my story for submission. I’m not sure why I’m having such a hard time with this one. It’s not because I think it’s bad. I love it and think it’s one of my best…and maybe that’s the problem. When you submit something there is always the chance that the publisher will say no.

In fact, I always assume they will say no and every acceptance has me floored. It’s the whole “hope for the best but assume the worst” way of thinking that I use to fool myself into believing that if they do say no, I won’t keel over and die of a broke heart. I am really good at self-delusion.

I’m one chapter away from finishing my Nuke Bigbang story and as it’s due Saturday, that’s a good thing. My last two BB stories were published but this one isn’t going that way. It’s nothing but pure fanfiction that I love writing for its own sake. I have a sinking feeling that it might be the last Nuke BB so I wanted to send it out in style.

I quickly want to express my sadness over the death of Cory Monteith. I loved his voice and his sweetness seemed to be a genuine thing. Another young artist who found fame and addiction to be a deadly combination. I thoughts are with his family and friends. Glee will certainly have a different landscape this upcoming season.

I also wanted to express my disbelief over the whole George Zimmerman trial but as every time I think about it I start to growl and wanna punch someone in the face, I will leave it alone.

As for ideas for my next novel, I have a few thoughts but I’m unsure where to go with them. I’ve been getting off to a fantastic start a lot these days only to fizzle out after the first chapter. I’m finding it very frustrating.

So the summer is almost half over and don’t tell anyone, but I can’t wait for fall. It’s my favorite time of year. Especially after the first frost…when the bugs are gone. I am suffering from an ant problem that is starting to drive me batty and yes…I have tried every home remedy and store-bought solution there is. I’m looking at hiring a professional once my royalty check comes in. I don’t want an exterminator I want an ant TERMINATOR!

At this point I’d rather be dealing with a mosquito invasion and for those of you who know me, you understand how big of a statement that is for me. But at least the mosquitos stay where they are meant to be…outside!

Now, about that fic rec.

Lace by Jaime Samms is the story of Caleb, a young man on a journey to find himself with the help of his boyfriend Levi. It takes patience from the people he loves and meeting a kindred spirit to make Caleb realize that it’s okay to let people in and to show who you really are. It’s one of those stories that makes you want to smack the main character as often as you want to hug and protect him.

Available here at Amazon:

Of course, my stuff is available here:

And here, at my wonderful publisher:

They are having a 30% off sale today, so check it out before its over!



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4 responses to “Some rambling Tuesday thoughts with the usual fic rec.

  1. Ashavan Doyon

    I understand that hesitance. I feel it more on the second submission (after someone has already said no) than on the first, but I always feel it. So… finish editing and submit it already!

  2. Suilan

    Hope inspiration hits you soon.

  3. Thanks for the rec 😉 I here you with the first chapter syndrome. I have a number of first chapters sititng on my HD waiting for me to come back to them. Good luck with the editing!!!!!

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