Too long since I posted, I know. I’ve been writing…honest! And a fic rec…

So, I’ve been a bad blogger and neglected you all and I’m sorry. I see some changes have been made since I’ve been here last so I’m back to feeling my way around. Of course, in certain situations, that can be fun…

I did manage to finish my WIP and I have to say, it’s a relief to finish something. I have been a great starter the last few months but getting something finished has been tough.

Now the editing starts. I go back to the beginning and probably re-write a bunch and I still won’t be happy with it. If I didn’t submit until I was happy, I’d still be unpublished.

I’ll admit, I’m worried about submitting this one. It’s sort of stuck between genres and I’m afraid that it’s not enough of one or the other to keep people’s interest. I almost abandoned it a couple of times but like the premise too much to give up.

I might post an excerpt in a few months…I will see how it goes.

Now I have a fandom writing challenge to get finished for next month and three other fandom stories that are waiting in the wings. But I also have some ideas for something original and I think I will work on that too.

I still love writing, despite the fact that it’s not going where I would like it to go yet. I know I’m still a newbie at this and that I have to pay my dues and all that. In my head I know that it takes time to get ahead and that for most people, there is no overnight success…or success ever. But my heard hasn’t gotten the memo and keeps hoping my writing career takes off like a shot. My head laughs at my heart frequently, lol.

A recent first-time-published friend of mine is trying to figure out how much time he needs to put into promoting himself and asked my opinion. I told him I wished I knew. All the time I spend promoting myself is time I don’t spend writing and with two jobs, free time is hard to come by. But I think it’s worth it. I love coming here and seeing what people have to say and I love that my stats tell me where people are checking in from.

I also love telling others about the stories I have read. You can be assured that if I’m telling you about it, the story has captured my whole heart and I couldn’t put it down once I started it. So, without further ado, here’s the rec.

Amy Lane’s Racing for the Sun isn’t always the most comfortable story to read, but it is amazing. Sonny Daye is broken and thinks of himself as beyond repair, but Ace sees something beautiful when he looks at him. They save each other more than once and it takes them a long while to figure out that they both want the same thing out of life. Ace it loving and protective and willing to do anything to make Sonny understand that he is the only thing that Ace needs to get through life. Sonny is desperate and scared but shows just how brave he is by putting his heart in Ace’s capable hands. Amy takes you on a wild ride that ends up in the best place possible. I hope you love it as much as I did.


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One response to “Too long since I posted, I know. I’ve been writing…honest! And a fic rec…

  1. Dani

    good to see you have been writing and i am definitly going to read the book you recced xoxo

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