Reader to writer…a long road. with bonus giveaway!

So, I promised a giveaway today and I’ll get to that, but first I have to ramble a bit.

A lot of people who talk to writers want to ask the same questions. Where do you get your ideas? What’s the hardest part about writing? And of course, how did you get to be a writer?

That’s a good question actually. Not sure my answer makes any sense but here it goes.

As I’ve stated on here before, I was a reader long before I was a writer. I read books like a starving person attacks a free buffet. I love books. They’ve taken me to more places than I will ever get to in real life. I will probably never leave North America, but in my head I’ve already travelled the world.

Some friends and I were talking about the reasons we read the kind of stories we do and for me it’s all about an escape. I love getting lost in a story and being transported to another world. The places I visit aren’t always good and sometimes they’re downright scary but it’s all a part of the adventure.

I didn’t always want to be a writer. I was happy to read, and in fact when I was younger I would have considered writing as one of those things that got in the way of more reading time.

I’d go through bouts of reading romance novels, the trashier the better, and then move on to something historical. I’d read Beatrice Small and then steal my dad’s Bernard Cornwell book. I’d read Clive Cussler and fall in love with Louisa May Alcott.

I adore Dean Koontz and I fell in love with Stephen King twice in my life. The first time when in my early teens, when it was all about having the crap scared out of me. The second time was in my mid-twenties when I discovered that so many of his books were connected to each other. I went back and re-read ever story in a matter of months, looking for those connections and it added a new element of excitement for me.

As a teen, I wrote poetry, but never with any kind of concentration or intent. In my early twenties I started to get the urge to try getting some of the thoughts in my head down on paper. It never went anywhere though. I couldn’t seem to organize all the ideas running through my brain into anything with any sort of order.

It wasn’t until I was forty that I found a way to finally put words into sentences and have them make sense. It started out of pure frustration with a show I loved. The characters were amazing but the writing sucked and all I could think about what “I could do better than that.”

All my first stories are short little missing moments from the show or alternate scenes describing how I thought it should go.

But then I started getting ideas about completely different directions my characters could go and I started putting those down as well.

My first novella, Cowboy Way, was only supposed to be a few chapters and somehow ended up being 26. Once I got started, I found that the characters started to take themselves to new places and I was sort of just along for the ride.

So the “writer” part of my life was born, but I’m still a reader. My reading material is a little different now. Mary Calmes and C. Cardeno top my list of favorite authors, but of course, anything can (and usually does) catch my attention. I can find myself half way through a novel when all I intended was a quick look at the first couple of pages. Doesn’t take much and I’m completely gone for hours.

I hope there’s someone out there who feels the same way about my stories.

So, speaking of my stories, here’s the promised giveaway. Take a look at my stories on Dreamspinner and then comment below with the one you’d like to win. I’ll choose the winner Saturday morning.

Here is the link to my stories at Dreamspinner Press.



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53 responses to “Reader to writer…a long road. with bonus giveaway!

  1. Susan

    I love the description of All the Things I Didn’t See. Some people don’t think supposedly straight men can do gay for you, but this is fiction!

    • I don’t really see it as “gay for you”. I don’t think it happens. I see it more as “you’re the reason I’m going to stop denying what I feel.” I think love is like that anyway. A lot of people find themself falling in love with people they never would have considered had they thought about it. Lol, it does make life more interesting! Good luck!

  2. Trix

    Great to meet you! Everything sounds great, but LUCK OF THE IRISH would be my pick…

  3. I loved reading your post. I feel the same way. I was not always a reader, but now that I am I spend way too many hours reading. There have been to many mornings when I have been exhausted at work because I stayed up to late reading.
    Right now, I have just started into the world of writing. I finished my first novel and am waiting to hear from the publisher on whether or not it will get published. (Waiting sucks.) But my first novel, whether it gets published or not, was definitely a case of the characters writing themselves. Now that I sent it in I am starting to think of ways that I would change it, but the simple fact is that this was the way that their story was meant to end, whether I like it or not. Oh well.
    Thanks for your post and I would love to enter the giveaway. “All the Things I Didn’t See” sounds very interesting.

  4. Bob Loving

    Would love to receive Hunt and Prey, Cindy. It’s already on my to-read list. Read some really good reviews about it recently.

  5. Louise

    Loved Cowboy Way and all the rest of your stories! xxx

  6. Ashavan Doyon

    still need to pick up Hunt and Pray so that’d be my pick if I win! (I have all the others cause I love your stuff!)

  7. Love all of your stories (and you know it, lol) and have read each and every one more than once.
    Hunt and Pray is still missing on my ebook though, so I’d pick that one.

  8. Karlee Baker

    Hey Cindy! I have read just about everything you wrote. But I would have to say Cowboy Way was always my favorite! So yeah…it would be that one.

  9. carolina

    i’m really broke right now, so i’d love to win hunt and pray ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mary

    I really enjoyed all the things i didnt see! Since I love me some cowboys I think the cowboy way would be my choice ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks!

  11. Joe

    I really enjoyed Cowboy Way and would love to win All the Things I Didn’t See. Thanks!

  12. millionmph

    I admire writers so much since I have never had a lick of sense when it comes to putting words to paper. But I am an extreme devourer of books, anything but biographies, and long to lose myself between the pages daily. Therefore, I leave all the hard work to you amazing writers, and am happy to let you all keep my wallet empty but my mind and heart full.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your books! I think I would chose Luck of the Irish as my pick. But Hunt and Pray sounds really great, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. H.B.

    I would love a chance to win Cowboy Way. Who doesn’t love a good cowboy themed story? Thank you for the giveaway!!

  14. Urb

    I completely understand about your need to READ! I have it, too. I used to sleep with books, fall asleep reading, and snatch a quick read in the morning, if the story was really good. I’d love to read Hunt and Pray (great title, great cover). Thank you!

    • I used to live in the Yukon. in the summer, I’d sit on the front step and start reading and the next thing I’d know it would be 2 am and I was still reading. Never got dark enough that I couldn’t see. Good luck with the draw.

  15. Amy C

    All the things I didn’t see

  16. Dorome

    I love a chance to win Luck of the Irish. I’ve been there 20 years ago and I love to go there again. I totally agree with you, reading is a lot like traveling.

    • I’ve never been there but when I look at picture of Ireland, I’m homesick for somewhere I’ve never been. Pretty sure I lived there in another life. Good luck!

  17. I really like the summary of “All the Things I Didn’t See”.
    I think i’d love this story.
    And, like you, I love Mary Calmes story so I think I’d love yours too.

    Thanks ^^

    ps: i’m italian i’m hope my english is undertandable… i can read without problem but i have some difficultes when I have to write -_-”’

  18. I love the blurb of “All the Things I Didn’t See”. Story about relationship that begins from friendship is always endearing. Not that I’m against insta-love or love-at-first-sight-stuff. But the chemistry of those already known each other for a while seems more real to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Like you, reading is an escape to me, an escape from reality. Sometimes life throws situations that sometimes we don’t know how to deal with or seem to have no solutions, even if they are somehow there but we can’t see it. I started reading fiction at an early age. I ate up all the books I could get my hands on, from romance to horror (horror was one of my favorite). Once I discovered M/M I was drawn in and now don’t read anything but M/M. As I read in the genre, Ideas started popping in. Voices started speaking to me, characters wanted their own story so I started writing. I have MANY story ideas started with just a couple of them finished. My first completed story happened with NaNoWriMo this past November. It loads of fun writing it and now is being edited and hopefully it will be sent to a publisher soon.
    I’ve had “All the Things I didn’t See” in my faves for a while now and I hope one day I’ll be able to read it. Thanks for sharing your words and the chance at the giveaway!

    taina1959 @ yahoo. com

  20. Hunt and Prey sounds like it would be just my thing, Cindy. I’m new to your books and even if I don’t win anything in the giveaway, I’ll be sure to give your work a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Penumbra

    I agree with the comment here that you made to another poster –

    “I donโ€™t really see it as โ€œgay for youโ€. I donโ€™t think it happens. I see it more as โ€œyouโ€™re the reason Iโ€™m going to stop denying what I feel.โ€

    I think everyone is attracted to either gender, but until the right person comes along many people don’t know that they are because they are mostly attracted to one. So they call it GFY if it’s outside their normal experience.


  22. Paris

    Have read your “Hunt and Pray” at least a hunderd times I guess, it’s so wonderful. But if I can win something, I would chose for something new: Luck of the Irish.
    And I love how you describe the writing process, characters always surprise me with their actions, it seems like I have no control over them.

  23. Hunt and Pray is already on my TBR =) Would love to win it. I love your work! You have a gift for character development!

  24. Theo

    Can I still enter? If i haven’t passed the time limit, please count me in. Thank you๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  25. Hi! Well, I’m a reader currently turning writer (in my mid-40s, how ’bout that), having discovered that it IS possible to combine my idea of romance with my love of adventure/suspense fiction. So naturally I’m attracted right out of the gate to “Hunt & Pray”. Love the banner!

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