Hunt and Pray giveaway and Tuesday thoughts…

I am so excited about the release of my latest novella tomorrow that I’ve decided to do a giveaway…so I hope someone wants a free copy! Just comment on this post today and tomorrow and tomorrow night I will pick a winner to receive a free copy of a Hunt and Pray ebook!

The day before a release, I always get so nervous…I’m always sure that no one is going to buy it and I’m gonna look like an idiot…but then I realize, I usually look like an idiot anyhow, so what am I worried about? Lol, kidding…it’s like showing off your kid. You know in your head that not everyone is going to be as head-over-heels in love with it as you are, but in your heart, if someone says they hate it, it will kill you just the same.

I am working on the last chapter of my latest WIP and it feels so good to be almost done. Then comes editing…and more editing…and then submitting it and hoping this isn’t the time that they say “sorry, not interested”. It’s a sub/Dom story but its doesn’t really have a lot of the lifestyle details that the genre seems to feel needs to be included, mostly because one of the characters spends most of the story trying to get over the trauma he’s suffered through. I’m a little worried that it will be too much for those who are turned off by the whole BDSM scene and not enough for those who love it!

After this, I have a few ideas running around my head but haven’t really settled on one. As usual, I will start writing and see what happens. Plus I have a few fandom things going on…another Nuke BB that they are doing with an interesting twist this year and three WIP in different fandoms to keep me busy.

So, here’s the link to buy the story…if you want!

And here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite.

THE pounding in Drew’s head pulled him awake. It felt as if sledgehammers were beating on his brain, and he really needed them to stop.

Holy fuck! He hadn’t felt this bad since the last drinking contest with his best friend from high school. He’d ended up with alcohol poisoning that night.

The world was dark around him, and when he tried to open his eyes, he realized with growing terror that he couldn’t. He’d been blindfolded, and when he tried to bring his hands up to yank it off, he found his hands had been bound together and then tied to something. His legs were tied as well, but only to each other, and at least those he could move a little. The dryness in his mouth was explained by the gag that had been tied tightly around his head.

Fear cleared the haze from his brain, and he lay still, trying to listen as best he could for any indication of where he was or who had done this to him.

He was starting to hyperventilate a little, and he knew he was shaking, but he couldn’t help it. And then he heard it… someone was laughing… more than one person from the sound of it, and Drew went still.

“Look at the little faggot, Colonel! Bet the boy is about ready to piss his pants.” The voice was harsh, grating against the pain skewering his head.

“Now, now, Ezra, there’s no need to be so crass. You’d think you were no better than this animal.” The voice was low and cruel, and it sent a curl of pure dread up Drew’s spine.

He felt a hand slide into his hair and his head was pulled back hard, arching his neck and exposing his throat. He felt something pressed against the skin there and realized it was the cold, sharp edge of a knife. A whimper escaped him, and the man with the cruel voice chuckled.

“Listen to him, son, so weak and pathetic already. He won’t be much of a challenge, I’m afraid, but he’ll do for your first one.”

First one what? Oh God, how did I get here?

All he could remember was leaving Jason’s apartment, more pissed off than he’d ever been in his life, and blindly heading for home. Out of nowhere, there had been the sound of squealing tires and a door sliding open; then he felt a painful jab in his neck and the world went dark.

So fucking stupid. I know better than to walk alone that late at night.

He’d just been so angry and hurt, he’d forgotten the warnings the police had issued about not being out alone after dark. Three other young gay men had disappeared in Colorado Springs in the last two years, and they’d never been found. The police were sure it was foul play but couldn’t find a single shred of evidence.

He almost smiled around the gag at the irony. Drew worked as a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette and had been assigned to cover the story. He’d followed every lead he could find, but it had all led to nothing.

I guess I solved the mystery. Too bad I won’t be around to get the byline.

So, comment below if you’d like to win a copy of Hunt and Pray!



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33 responses to “Hunt and Pray giveaway and Tuesday thoughts…

  1. Ashavan Doyon

    Aww… you’re giving away a copy of Hunt and Pray. Alright! Gimme! (Always love your stuff Cindy, as you know!)

  2. Oooh I am always up for a giveaway 😀 And a story from you?? well, anytime!!! Would love to win a copy… but I am also gonna reblog this on my site.. you mind, Cindy??

  3. Love to win this, Cindy. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Sid Love and commented:
    Hunt and Pray by Cindy Sutherland comes out tomorrow, but the author has decided to do a giveaway contest on her blog. So, go on, check out the intriguing excerpt and participate right away! All you gotta do is comment and get lucky!!

  5. Dani

    ooh I want this for sure !

  6. Kaz

    I’m intrigued!!

  7. lukesynder1021

    I just bought my copy and so looking forward to reading it

  8. Juliana

    Ooo, sounds very suspenseful! Congrats on the new release! I would love a chance to win!

  9. sally halliday

    sounds brill please pick me

  10. Jackie McKenzie

    This looks like a great book. I have it on my TBR list, but a free one wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all, lol.

  11. You are a new author to me, and and congrats on your upcoming release…*S*
    Your excerpt caught my attention and I can’t wait to read it as I just added this to my buy list.
    Wishing you all the best, and continued success!


  12. Deborah H

    Sounds like pretty interesting.

  13. Eepa

    Sounds very good! I’m all in for free copy.

  14. That sounds really good. Please count me in too.

  15. Debbie

    Ooh, intriguing! Count me in please.

  16. Andrea M

    This is on my wish list and it looks wonderful; love the blurb and can’t wait to read it.

  17. Alex

    This sounds really interested!

  18. Evie

    This sounds like a fabulous story! Wishing you all the best!

  19. “The day before a release, I always get so nervous…I’m always sure that no one is going to buy it and I’m gonna look like an idiot…but then I realize, I usually look like an idiot anyhow, so what am I worried about?”.

    You shouldn’t be worried about it, considering that I’m going to buy it anyway 😀

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