LJ frustrates me…and part two of the free fic.

LJ is frustrating the hell out of me. I’m not sure if my chapter posts are showing up in my friends feed and that means people who’ve been reading it won’t be able to see it. Damn technology! Anyway, while I work on that, I will post part two of my free fic from Tuesday for you. Hope you enjoy! And if you do, please let me know!

A Heart’s Desire – Part 2 Copyright 2012 by Cindy Sutherland

When he came back to himself, Jace was still holding him, still stroking his overly sensitive cock and he whimpered at feeling so much pleasure and pain at the same time.

“Such a good boy for me, Colby.” Jace started moving them forward, never stopping his assault on the sub’s cock.

“Jace…please, I can’t…”

The Dom sunk his teeth into Colby’s shoulder, hard enough to leave a mark but not hard enough to break the skin.

“Yes you can.” Jace licked over the mark he’d made as he steered Colby toward the bedroom. “You’re not going to let me down, are you baby?”

Colby shuddered, the combination of his Dom’s voice and the almost rough hand fondling his cock and balls causing his dick to start to harden again.

“Oh fuck.” Colby’s throat felt raw. “No Jace…don’t want to let you down.”

When they reached the bedroom, Jace moved Colby over to the bed and pushed him to his hands and knees. He smiled when Colby whined at the removal of his Dom’s hand from his cock.

Colby let his arms collapse, resting his head on the mattress. Jace grinned at the view it afforded him, hips high in the air and Colby’s pretty pink hole on display.

He leaned in and pressed a line of wet kissed down the taller man’s spine, pausing when he got to the crease of his ass. Colby was almost beside himself with lust and he cried out when Jace spread the cheeks of his ass and licked from his taint to the tightly furled muscle.

“It’s okay, baby. Gonna take care of you.” The vibrations of Jace’s voice seemed to crawl up Colby’s body, causing his cock to throb painfully.

“I need…need…” Colby couldn’t speak clearly, his whole body overwhelmed by his desire for his Dom.

“Shhh. I know what you need.” Jace started licking and sucking on the rim of Colby’s hole and making him writhe beneath him. The younger man babbled senselessly, Jace’s name and “Master please” being the only recognizable words. The Dom kept him on edge for what felt like hours and Colby wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to pass out from how good it felt.

Jace brought his hand down sharply on his sub’s ass. “Use your hands, baby. Hold yourself open for me.”

The words barely registered with Colby, the pleasure making everything hazy, but he forced his hands to move, grabbing his ass and spreading it wide.

Jace grunted in satisfaction and reached up with one hand to stroke Colby’s cock, while he sucked two fingers of the other hand into his mouth, getting them wet. When he was satisfied that they were slippery enough, he worked one into Colby’s hole alongside his tongue, quickly finding the other man’s prostate and rubbing over it.

Colby keened, his hands slipping for a moment before desperately pulling himself open again. His muscles trembled with the effort of trying not to thrust back against his Dom’s wicked mouth and finger. When a second finger worked its way in, the extra burn and the brutal rub against his over-stimulated prostate where enough to have his whole body locking up and he came again, shaking fiercely and barely able to hold himself up.

Jace straightened up, removing his fingers carefully and rubbing his hands over Colby’s back and arms, helping to relieve some of the strain from holding himself up.

“I knew you’d be perfect baby. So eager to please me.” He pushed Colby onto his side and kissed him on the temple before going to the bathroom and grabbing a warm cloth and a towel.

He smiled as Colby moaned when he washed him carefully and thoroughly, removing the evidence of his two orgasms. Then he pulled the soiled blanket out from underneath him and tossed it on the floor.

“What’s your word, Colby?” The question startled the younger man. He’d forgotten about giving his Dom his safe word.

“Pickle.” He blushed at the silliness of the word, but Jace just nodded approvingly and urged the sub up the bed and stretched him out.

Reaching into the drawer of the bedside table he pulled out four lengths of rope. They were soft and pliable and he proceeded to use two of them bind Colby’s wrists to the headboard. He then wrapped another soft length of rope around his legs, just above the knee; tying those ropes to the headboard as well. It had the effect of lifting his ass off the mattress a little, leaving him spread open and vulnerable.

Jace just looked down at Colby for a moment, his gaze warm and loving and the heat seeming to simmer just below the surface.

“You look so pretty like that; all tied up, mine to use how I please.” Jace reached into the drawer again and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom.

“Your skin is so pale and creamy.” He reached down and caressed his thigh, from knee to hip before slapping the cheek of his ass sharply and causing Colby to cry out. “So gorgeous, it’ll almost be a shame to mark it.” He spanked it again, a little harder. “Almost…”

Colby had always been self-conscious about the fact that his skin was so pale. He worked indoors and wasn’t big on outdoor activities so he didn’t get out in the sun much. Now he was glad to be so light. He’d be able to see Jace’s marks on him better.

He was glad his Dom had tied him up. The two orgasms he’d already experienced had left him weak and pliant and this way all he had to do was lie there and let his Master do as he pleased.

“Jace…please kiss me…” He hadn’t intended to speak, but he could see that the other man wasn’t displeased. He leaned in and kissed Colby, teasing his mouth with soft presses against his lips and gentle licks, never letting it deepen to something more.

“How has someone never claimed you and kept you, sweetheart?” Jace sounded genuinely confused and Colby fell a little harder.

“I’m too big…not submissive enough for most Dom’s.” He couldn’t keep the hurt out of his voice completely.

“Then they were idiots.” Jace nosed at Colby’s jaw. “But I’m so glad they were.”

He pulled back and stood up, smirking when the younger man whimpered at the distance. “Anyone can dominate someone smaller than them.” He unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide off his shoulders before throwing it on the chair that sat in the corner of the room.

“Anyone can take from someone who can’t defend themselves…” He pulled his boots off and toed off his socks, leaving himself in nothing but the leather pants that had captured Colby’s imagination. “But being given something by someone willingly? That’s the most amazing gift.”

He walked back to the bed and knelt between Colby’s knees. He leaned up; taking care to not put too much pressure on the other man’s bound limbs, and placed a hand on either side of head. He kissed Colby then, softly at first, but then deepening it until he controlled every aspect of it.

To Colby it felt amazing. He felt cherished and loved, like he could just fall into himself and know that Jace would catch him. He closed his eyes and melted into the kiss and he didn’t know he was whimpering until Jace pulled out of the kiss and stroked the side of his face.

“It’s okay, sweet boy. I’ll take care of you.” The words were tender and heartfelt, but the expression on Jace’s face was fierce and protective and it took Colby’s breath away.

“Master…” His voice was barely a whisper. “Jace…I’ve wanted this from you for so long…” He felt the itch of tears at the back of his eyes as his Dom nodded at him and carded his fingers through his hair.

“I know.” The older man traced Colby’s face gently then slid his hand down over his chest and plucking at a nipple, causing Colby’s breath to catch in his throat.

“I’m gonna give you what you need.” He twisted the nipple a little harder, watching as Colby tried to arch off the bed. “Gonna make you scream, baby.”

With that promise, he leaned in and sucked the nipple he’d been twisting into his mouth and bit down hard. Colby felt like all the air in the room had been sucked out. Just as the pain began to overwhelm him, Jace let go and licked over the throbbing nub. He blew over it and the clash between the heat from the bite and the coolness had Colby trying to pull away and push forward all at the same time.

He keened as Jace bit down again, chewing on the flesh carefully for a moment before letting it go, leaving it aching and hot.

“How’s that feel Colby?” He rubbed his thumb over the abused nipple making Colby shudder.

“Good…” He moaned the word, biting it off when Jace took his teeth to the other nipple as well.

He cried out, fingers twisted into the soft rope, giving him an anchor that kept him from floating away.

Jace worked his way down Colby’s stomach, stopping to circle his navel with his tongue before nipping at the rim and making the younger man squirm with heated pleasure.

“Oh god…fuck…I can’t…” Colby need something he couldn’t put into words.

Jace moved further down the sub’s body, nipping at the delicate skin on his belly and then licking around the smooth, hairless base of Colby’s cock. The younger man kept himself clean shaven, chest, cock, balls and ass, leaving only a faint treasure trail below his navel.

“So fucking beautiful.” Jace ignored Colby’s weeping erection and let his lips trail down to the crease where his thigh met his torso before looking up at him. “I wanna do this for you next time.”

Colby swallowed and nodded. “Yes Jace…” He was ready to agree to anything at this point, just to get some relief from the blissful torture of his Dom.

“Hold still now, baby…” Jace didn’t wait for a response, just ducked back down and using his tongue to pull one of Colby’s balls into his mouth, sucking hard.

Colby couldn’t help the way his body bucked and arched and he yelped as Jace’s teeth caught the delicate skin of his sac.

The Dom pulled back quickly, checking for any damage and finding none before drawing his hand back and slapping hard against the cheek of Colby’s ass.

“Told you not to move, sweetheart.” He smacked Colby again, smiling when the sub moaned low and rough. “You need a spanking, Colby? Need a lesson already?”

Colby’s cock was hard again already and it was almost painful after coming twice already. The thought of his Dom warming his ass with a spanking had it twitching and he moaned prettily. “Oh please…”

“I’m not sure it’s the proper punishment for you if you want it so badly, but telling you no is going to be very difficult.” Jace slithered backward off the bed. “I think I’ll make it a little more interesting though.”

Colby watched him walk over to the dresser and open the drawer he knew contained a lot of his Dom’s toys. When he walked back he had two things in his hand and it took a second for Colby to recognize them.

One was a leather cock ring and the other was a butt plug. It was a little longer than usual and curved and he knew that it was designed to rub right against the prostate.

Colby whimpered as Jace crawled back on the bed and dropped the plug to the mattress.

The Dom reached down and gave Colby’s cock a couple of strokes before quickly snapping the ring on. The younger man gasped at the touch, crying out for more before he could stop himself.

“I’m gonna help you out baby.” He ran his thumb over the head of Colby’s cock, gathering up the thin pre-come bubbling up there and bringing it to his mouth to suck it off.

“This way you can’t come too soon.” He leaned down to suck on the head of the sub’s cock for a moment, smiling when he cried out.

Jace picked up the butt plug and the lube, letting Colby watch as he slicked it up and then tossed the bottle aside. He wiped his hands on the sheet and then put the head of the plug against Colby’s hole and pushed in gently.

The younger man had already been loosened by Jace’s fingers and tongue and the silicone slid in smoothly. The Dom turned the plug so that the head curved toward Colby’s prostate and then he sat back to take a look.

“You’ve always been amazing, Colby.” He reached down and patted the flat base, causing it to shift inside the sub, making him moan at the sensation. “But this is perfection, darlin.”

Colby smiled at the praise, the words making him proud to be on such display for his Dom.

Jace slipped off the bed again and went back to the dresser. From the dresser drawer he pulled out a large wooden paddle. It was flat and not too heavy. It would redden Colby’s ass nicely without leaving a lot of bruising.

“I’m not going to gag you, Colby.” He brought the paddle down on the palm of his own hand, and the slapping sound had the younger man panting. “I want to hear you tonight…no holding back.”

He smacked Colby’s ass with the paddle lightly and the younger man squeaked in a way he’d deny later.

Jace was speaking again. “All those sounds belong to me now, so give them to me!”

With that he brought the paddle down a little harder, catching the base of the plug and sending it jolting against Colby’s prostate.

The younger man moaned loudly, tensing a little until Jace’s free hand came down to rub comfortingly over his stomach.

“Relax, baby. Just let it all go.” The paddle came down again and again, never really hard, but enough to have the creamy white skin turning red and hot in about ten strokes.

Jace switched the paddle to his other hand and reached down to stroke over the tender skin.

The gentleness was such contrast to the spanking that Colby could feel tears pressing at the back of his eyes and a sob caught in his throat.

“That’s right Colby…give it all to me.” He took the paddle back in his spanking hand and started again, making sure to hit the plug dead on every second or third stroke.

Colby was almost incoherent, pain and pleasure all mixed up in his head, and soon he started to feel himself slip away. The only thing that seemed to anchor him to his body was Jace’s voice, calm and steady as he made the sub fly.

After fifteen more strokes, the spanking stopped, although it took a few minutes for Colby to realize it. He slowly came back to himself, surprised to find that he was untied, on his side curled around Jace who was running his fingers through his hair and rubbing his other hand up and down his back.

His head was on Jace’s chest and he could hear the comfortable thrum of the older man’s heartbeat under his ear. He sighed, shifting a little closer and realizing at that moment that the plug and the cock ring were still in place.

“Hey…” Jace kissed him on the top of his head. “You back with me now?”

“Yeah…” Colby’s voice was raw and he was pretty sure he’d been screaming earlier.

He felt Jace shift and then there was a water bottle in front of his face. He levered himself up a little and drank about a quarter of it, then stopping to breathe before drinking a little more. When he collapsed back down on his Dom’s chest, the other man took the bottle and set it back where he’d got it.

“I’m sorry Jace.” The sub was a little embarrassed at having gotten lost for so long. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been out, but he assumed it had been a while. His Dom was lying with his head propped up against the headboard, having stripped out of his leather pants and Colby could see the evidence of his arousal tenting out the tight black boxer briefs he was wearing.

The hand in his hair tightened for a moment before Jace spoke. “Why are you sorry?”

Colby shrugged. “For passing out? For leaving you like…this?” He gestured towards Jace’s groin, wondering how he could possibly be blushing after everything they’d just done.

The Dom chuckled. “Don’t you worry about that, baby. I’m not done with you yet.” He pulled Colby’s hair harder, tilting his head back for a bruising kiss. “And you didn’t really pass out. You were just flying high for a while.”

He kissed Colby again, more demanding now and reached down to pull hard at his nipple. The little bright spot of pain made Colby’s cock twitch in the leather still wrapped tightly around it. “It was a beautiful thing to see.”

Jace kissed his sub once more and then slid out from under him, leaving lying on his stomach. He grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and motioned for Colby to lift his hips up. When he did, Jace slid it under him, easing the pressure on his aching cock.

The younger man ached everywhere actually, but it was a good kind of pain. One that made him feel cared for and the warmth he’d been carrying in his chest got even bigger.

Jace pushed off his underwear and knelt on the bed in front of Colby, sliding his fingers into his hair and urging him up to his elbows. The younger man complied, looking up at his Dom with eyes full of love and trust.

“Want you to suck me, Colby. Wanna see those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock.” He smoothed the hair back from Colby’s face. “You up for that?”

“Please Jace…want it so bad.” And he did. Colby loved sucking cock…how it felt in his mouth, the slide of the firm flesh over his tongue. The taste of bitter and salty and sometimes something sweet was his favorite flavor and he loved the kind of power it gave him over his Dom.

Jace nodded and held his cock up to Colby’s mouth. He painted his pre-come over the younger man’s red lips, before pushing forward and sinking into the delicious wet heat.

The groan that fell from Jace’s mouth at the feeling of Colby surrounding him had the sub smiling around the mouthful before he resumed sucking.

Jace framed Colby’s face with his hands, holding him steady, not directing, just comforting and encouraging his sub.

Colby just looked up at the handsome man above him, his gaze never leaving his Dom’s as he relaxed his throat and took him in as far as he could.

Colby knew he was a mess. His eyes were probably red and swollen and he could feel the tears and saliva leaking down his face as he fought to keep Jace’s cock deep in his throat.

But his Dom just looked at him like he was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen and Colby couldn’t help but fall a little more in love with him.

He pressed in until he felt hair tickling his nose, inhaling the scent of Jace that was so much stronger there. He tried to swallow a little, causing the muscles of his throat to flutter around the other man’s cock.

Jace groaned, pressing in a little harder before pulling out completely. He pet Colby’s hair, grinning when the younger man whimpered at being denied his Master’s cock in his mouth.

“Your mouth is a treasure, sweetheart, but that’s not how I want to come tonight.” Jace slid back and then moved around behind Colby, draping himself over the bigger man and snugging his cock up to rub against the other man’s balls.

“I’m gonna come in your sweet little hole, darlin. I can’t wait to feel how tight it’s gonna be around my cock.” He slid his hands down Colby’s arms and entangled their fingers together. He pulled back, bringing Colby with him until the other man was practically in his lap.

Colby turned his head, angling for a kiss and Jace complied, taking his mouth sweetly at first before nipping at his lower lip.

Putting a little space between them, he reached down and slowly slid the plug out of Colby’s ass, plunging back and raking it over his prostate a couple of time making him keen loudly before removing it completely.

He pulled the other man close again, one hand on his chest, pulling at a nipple while the other slid down to jack Colby’s cock a couple of times.

“Oh god…” Colby was desperate. He needed his Dom inside him now. “Please Jace…just do it! Need you in me.”

Jace stopped his pleasant torture and bit down on the muscle of Colby’s shoulder before pushing him down to the bed again.

“Just let me get the condom on baby. Gotta be safe.” He grabbed the foil package and ripped it open, quickly sheathing his cock in latex. He picked up the lube and drizzled on himself, slicking up quickly. He was so distracted that it took him a second to realize that Colby was saying something.

“What’s that baby?” The sub was muttering into the comforter, but he turned his head when Jace spoke.

“Don’t need the condom…I’m clean. Wanna feel you in me…”

Jace grabbed the base of his cock, squeezing hard and Colby could see he was moments from coming. Once the Dom seemed to have control over himself again, he lined his cock up with Colby’s hole, pushing in with one slow, steady stroke. When he bottomed out, he lay over the younger man’s back again to whisper in his ear.

“Gonna get myself tested, sweet boy. Make sure I’m not endangering you.” He bit down on Colby’s earlobe making the sub push back, impaling himself even further on Jace’s cock. “When I’m sure, I’m gonna take you bare so you can feel me marking you up from the inside.”

Colby wanted it so bad it was like a physical ache. “Please please…god.”

“But for now, I’m just gonna fuck you hard.” Jace pulled out a little before slamming in a little harder. “You’re so tight, baby. How long since you’ve done this?”

Jace rocked his hips just a little and Colby could barely think straight, let alone speak, but he answered him.

“Over a year…didn’t want anyone else but you.” Colby tilted his hips a little more, trying to find the perfect angle.

Jace increased his thrusts a little more and his cock was hitting Colby’s prostate dead on. “Such a good boy, Colby.” He kept the thrusts shallow but hard, keeping in constant contact with that perfect spot and soon the younger man was begging below him.

“Please Jace…Master…I gotta…can’t take it anymore.” Colby’s voice was wrecked and he was shaking hard.

Jace kissed his neck and then reached around to get a hand on Colby’s cock. “Okay sweet boy. That’s enough for tonight.” He slid his hand down and unsnapped the leather and letting it fall to the bed before pulling back and grabbing the other man’s hips, pulling out and pounding in hard.

Colby screamed and in one…two…three thrusts he was clenching down hard on Jace’s cock and spurting all over his hand.

When his orgasm eased he fell bonelessly to the bed, the only thing keeping him on his knees under him was his Dom’s hands on his hips.

Jace kept pounding into him, mindless babble about how perfect Colby was and how good it felt to be in him falling from his lips as he chased his orgasm.

A dozen thrusts later he stiffed, shouting Colby’s name as he came hard.

Colby was only aware of it distantly. Three orgasms and a couple of hours of the most pleasurable torture he’d ever felt had left him sated and exhausted.

Once he’d stopped shaking, Jace pulled out, holding the condom carefully. He peeled it off and tied it up before dropping it on the floor. He collapsed off to Colby’s side, manhandling him until they were facing each other. He knew they needed to clean up, but he wasn’t sure he was up to hauling his sub’s practically unconscious ass to the bathroom, so he got up himself, going for another warm cloth and a towel.

Colby didn’t move except to smile softly when Jace placed a tender kiss on his swollen lips. The Dom carded through his sub’s hair and traced his strong features with a delicate finger.

The younger man sighed. “Jace…love you.”

The Dom looked startled for a moment before smiling. He worked his arm under Colby’s neck and pulled him closer and then kissed him once more.

“Love you too, Colby.”

Colby smiled at his good fortune and faded off to sleep knowing that he’d finally found his place…and the person he needed.

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