Well, I have to say, the list of things I never considered when I decided to submit my first novel keeps growing! Who knew a simple author/reader retreat could turn into a hotbed of intrigue the GRL event. Not me, that’s for sure.

And the other things I never considered? Let’s start off with shameless self-promotion. If you would have told hiding-everything-I-ever-wrote-in-high-school me that I’d be shoving something I wrote in as many people’s faces as I could, she would be laughing her ass off.

But I do, every chance I get.

“Hey Cindy, how are things going these days?” says innocent acquaintance.

“Things are great! Hey did you know I wrote a book? Three in fact? Here look at this website and buy one…I mean, if you want or if you’re curious…”

This is usually the point that people start backing away slowly and muttering about being late for a funeral…or a wedding…or something they can’t remember…

Most people are nice about it, but not too many people in my RL are interested in my obsession with m/m and most of my family are just being nosy when they ask if they can read what I wrote.

It’s taken me three published works to figure out that they don’t sell themselves and if I don’t care about people buying them, why should anyone else?

Now my next novel is coming up in late April and it’s probably the one that’s my favorite so far, so I plan on pushing the hell out of it because I want as many people to see it as possible.

I liken it to wanting to show off my child.

So beware dear readers…I’m gonna be coming at you with both barrels blazing!

I keep waiting for someone I start bragging at to be the one…you know, that person who thinks I’m a disgusting pervert for writing gay love stories and starts ranting at me that I’m going to hell with all the other deviants.

But so far everyone has been kind…even if they look at me like I’ve grown a second head. I hope it stays that way.

Then there is my mom. She is a proud mother who loves that I’ve been published, even if she doesn’t understand why I don’t just write some boy/girl stuff that she’d like to read.

She tells everyone about my “success” and its lead to some awkward scenario’s with elderly relatives asking where they can buy my book.

I have no wish to be responsible for the death of my mother’s sister from a heart attack so I keep promising them that I’ll send them one and then conveniently forget to do so. Not sure I can keep putting them off forever though. Maybe I should write something “appropriate” for sharing with them or something.

Anyway, it seems like every day I learn something else that I should be considering and add that to doing the actually writing, the two jobs that I have and all the RL responsibilities that I have to fulfill and it’s amazing that I ever get anything accomplished.

Yet here I sit, grin on my face, and still unbelieving of the places I’ve come to.

Join me here next week folks. I’ll be sharing another short story with you and reccing more of my favorite stories!

Speaking of which…Beholding Beauty by Sam Singer is a story about how your life can change in an instant. Just when you think you’re as high as you can get, life knocks you into the basement. And when you think you’re trapped in the dungeon you can sometimes find a way to free yourself just by being kind. I hope you check out this story and love it as much as I do. http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3048&cPath=55_506


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