An original idea? I hope so…and part 2 of my fic.

So, I’ve been struggling to come up with a new idea for a story, like I mentioned on Monday, but I’m wondering if there is truly and original idea left out there or if only the writer’s POV is original?

I keep finding new stories to read that just blow me away, but most of them I’ve heard the premise of before. But I’m not complaining. I think it’s interesting to see how different people with different experiences write about the same thing and have completely different takes on it.

I myself have tackled issues I’ve seen in other stories and come up with a completely different take on them and it make me proud when people say “I’ve seen this idea before, but I love how you’ve put your own stamp on it.”

I will admit that most of my longer stories have been inspired by friends who come to me and say “Hey, I want to see this in a story. Can you write it for me?” I have also changed the direction of a story when a reader has made a comment pointing out something that totally never occured to me as I was writing. Maybe I shouldn’t but I can’t complain about the results so far.

Anyway, I’m not really too worried, but I really would like to try something completely different this time…if only I can figure out what that might be!

So, here’s part two of A Mate’s Heart by Cindy Sutherland Copyright 2012. There’s one more part that I will put up Friday. Enjoy!

Orin clutched his hand. “I don’t think anything you tell me will change my mind, but if you need to, then tell me.”

Tine took a deep breath and prayed to Draconis that Orin was right.

“Once we mate, you will not age as fast. Our bodies will adapt to each other and while you will age slower, I will age a little faster. Mating is meant to be forever, and often the end of a mate’s life will mean the end of the dragons.”

“Oh Tine I…how old are you?” He didn’t seem put off, just curious.

“I have seen one hundred and thirty-seven summers. With me, you may live to see a hundred more. What is your age now?

“I will be twenty-two on the winter solstice.” Tine could see he was a little awed at the prospect, but not really afraid. “What else is there…it’s something big and the real thing you are worried about telling me. I can’t quite…”

He trailed off as Tine looked away. “Please tell me Tine.” He put a comforting arm around Tine’s shoulders and held him to his chest.

Tine held Orin’s hand, gently caressing his fingers and wrist, marveling at the soft skin there.

“Dragons are different than men. When we lie together…if I am fortunate…there will be children.”

Now that did startle Orin, Tine could feel it, but he didn’t move away. “How is that possible?” For the first time, a little fear showed through. “Will I..?”

Tine quickly shook his head. “No, it would be me. If you were female, we would just have children, normal human children. If I were female, you could give me either…children or dragons. But for me, there will only be dragons.”

He smiled at the possibility. “Females would have a clutch of four or five eggs, but I would only have one at a time and maybe twice in a lifetime.”

He looked at Orin, trying to judge his reaction. ”I would carry it for about three moons until I laid it in our nest. There it would be for another four moons until it hatched.”

“And would you have to be in your dragon form the whole time?” Tine thought it was an odd question but it seemed important so he answered it.

“Only for the last month before the nesting. Then I could be in this form most of the time although I would have to be dragon when it hatched, so I could comfort it.”

“And it would be a dragon…” Orin was obviously searching for what to say.

“Hatchling, we call them hatchlings. And yes, for the first week or so. Then it would change forms, and live as a human baby for the first year. It gives them a chance to bond with their human parent.” He was still trying to judge Orin’s feelings.

“So, what you’re telling me is that by spending a lifetime with you, I get a soul mate and children, both things I never thought I’d have?” Orin pulled Tine closer, almost into his lap. “And these are the things that are supposed to change my mind?”

“You are a remarkable human being Orin. Most people would be unsettled by what I’ve told them at the very least.”

The smile Orin gifted him with was breath taking. “You’ve just told me that all my dreams are coming true, why would I be unsettled?”

“Because they are coming true with a dragon husband and dragon children?” He turned to straddle Orin’s lap. “You truly believed you would never have a wife? That you would always be alone? Why?”

Orin was still grinning. “Because firstly I’m not interested in a wife. I wasn’t lying when I said that this form pleases me.” He looked down at Tine’s still naked body pointedly.

“But I know that men do sometime lie with other men. And your body is pleasing enough as well.” In dragon form he might not blush, but as a human, there was no mistaking his embarrassment.

“They do, but as I have a hard time not hearing the thoughts of others, I’ve never felt it was worth the risk. There are those in the villages who would look at me as a witch for being able to read minds.” Orin’s arms tightened around Tine’s waist, seeking comfort.

Tine stroked his fingers through his mate’s dark hair. “Are you telling me that you’ve never been with anyone? Are you a virgin Orin?”

Orin ducked, resting his forehead against Tine’s shoulder. “It’s so embarrassing.”
Tine gently cradled Orin’s head once more, tipping it so he could kiss him softly. “Don’t think that love. That I will be your first is more of an honor than I dared hope for.” He feathered loving kisses over Orin’s cheeks and eyes, making him shiver and moan. “I wish I could offer you the same, but when my heat comes, without a mate to direct it towards, I had to satisfy it somehow.”

Orin looked at him with eyes dark and heated. “And when it comes now?”

Tine growled. “Then I won’t let you leave our bed for days.”

Without warning, Orin slid his hands down to grab Tine’s ass, using the grip to lift him as he stood. Tine wrapped his legs around Orin’s slim waist, hanging on tightly as they moved toward the bed.

“Are we done talking now my dragon?” Orin’s voice was low and gravel rough with lust. Tine nodded and let all his feelings of want and need flow through him.

“Then can I take you to bed and fuck you now? I think I’ve waited long enough, don’t you?

And so the dragon, who even in his human form could throw the man around like a rag doll, allowed Orin to toss him onto the bed before removing his britches and crawling over him to pin him down.

“You’re the most beautiful creature I have ever seen Tine. Dragon or man, it doesn’t matter. I think I’ll love spending the next hundred summers with you, watching our children grow and seeing what the world brings.”

He leaned down to kiss Tine desperately and Tine let him. It felt so amazing to let go of his control and have Orin take the lead. He’d never mated in his human form and although he knew how it worked, he was more than a little nervous about it.

“Orin, I’ve never…as a dragon, yes but…not like this.” The feeling of his mate’s naked skin on his was overwhelming everything else. It felt like fire burning through his body and Tine was certain this was hotter than any mountain fire.

“Shhh, it’s okay, I’ve got you.” Orin’s hands were tender and sweet, touching Tine like he was something precious. “I just need…”

He was cut off as his mouth latched onto Tine’s neck and sucked the blood to the surface. Tine could feel the skin grow hot under Orin’s lips and then started as his mates tongue licked away the slight sting.

“Taste so good.” Orin’s voice was a wreck. The other man explored Tine’s body with his hands and mouth leaving him a writhing, pleading mess on the bed. The pillows were being shoved off the bed by Tine’s thrashing and when Orin wrapped his hands around Tine’s thighs and sucked the head of his cock into his mouth, he arched his back and came without warning.

Orin swallowed what he could and let the rest dribble down Tine’s cock and over his balls. He cleaned it up with delicate lips, relishing the taste of his lover…his mate and then reared up to share the taste with him.

Tine wound his arms around Orin’s neck and held him there carefully, thrusting his tongue into his mouth and licking inside until he could only taste his mate.

“I’m sorry Orin. I’ve just…been waiting too long.” Tine twisted his head to the side, unwilling to see the disappointment in his lover’s eyes.

“Don’t be sorry love.” Orin dragged his cock against Tine’s hip, sweat making the slid a little easier and giving just the right kind of friction. “I’m not done with you yet.”

He reached over to the table beside the bed and grabbed the little pot of oil he kept there for when he pleasured himself. He may have been a virgin, but he wasn’t totally ignorant of how things worked.

Orin slicked up one hand, his eye’s never leaving Tine’s face and then settled himself between Tine’s legs. He rubbed over the velvety skin of Tine’s sac before slipping behind and rubbing one finger over his tightly furled entrance.

“I can hardly believe this is happening.” Orin leaned down to kiss him. “I think I dreamed of you.”

Tine’s hands clutched at Orin’s hips. “I search for you for years. I think I felt it the minute you were born.”

When the muscle seemed to relax a little, Orin slipped one finger inside, just a little, and waited for Tine’s reaction.

He couldn’t help it. The moment Orin was inside him, he knew that this was meant to be. He planted his feet and pushed back, needing more of Orin inside him and quickly.

“Please Orin…more…faster.” I think I might die of pleasure.

Orin shook his head. “No my dragon; I just found you. There will be no dying, not for a long, long time.” He slid another finger in beside the first, moaning at the feeling of heat crushing around his fingers and Tine knew he was imagining the sensation around his cock.

“I can’t wait to have you inside, Orin. Can’t wait to feel you thrust and pulse against me.”

Orin crooked his fingers and brushed against something that made Tine see stars behind his eyes and cry out. “Orin…please…I beg you.”

Tine was hard again and desperate for what his body called for.

He felt Orin’s control snap. He pulled his fingers from Tine’s body and ran a slick hand over himself. He wiped his hand on the bedding and then lined himself up with Tine’s entrance.

He hooked Tine’s legs over the crook of his elbows and planted his hands on either side of Tine’s body. He pushed forward, slowly but surely, never stopping until he was balls deep inside his lover.

Tine gripped Orin’s biceps, feeling like he needed to hang on so he didn’t float away. He had flown all over the world as a dragon, but this was like no kind of flying he’d done before.

Tine whispered. “Move my love. We’ll be joined forever with this and I can’t wait any longer.”

Orin kissed him hard and then pulled out a little before thrusting back in. Each movement brushed against that spot inside of Tine and it caused sparks up and down Tine’s spine.

He pushed back as Orin pushed forward and the only sounds in the room were the slap of flesh against flesh and the little uh uh uh noises that were being fucked out of the dragon.

“Tine…oh god…I can feel it…what you feel.” Orin was frantic. His hips were moving as fast and hard as they could and in what little mind he had left, Tine knew that Orin was close.

He slapped his hands to the mattress, pushing himself up so their mouths could meet. It pressed his cock into the grooves of Orin’s stomach and it was all he could take.

Once more his release spilled hot between them and Tine forced his eyes open, catching the wonder and euphoria in Orin’s face as he came, the feeling of Tine’s orgasm too much for him to hold back.

Orin collapsed on him; all his strength gone and Tine welcomed him in his arms. He wrapped his legs around Orin’s waist, wanting to hold him inside for a little while and groaning in disappointment when he slid out. He held his mate, petting his sweaty skin and whispering endearments in his ear.

Orin finally made to move. “I’m sorry Tine. I have to be heavy.” He slid to the side but left one leg across Tine’s thighs and pillowed his head on the dragon’s shoulders.

“No love, not too heavy. I’m stronger than I look.” They were damp with sweat and the bed was a wreck. Tine had his own seed on his stomach and Orin’s dripping from inside him. He’d never felt better.

Orin pressed a kiss over Tine’s heart. “I could feel it in my mind…when you came. It was amazing. I felt surrounded by you, like you were everywhere and I never felt less lonely.”

“I never thought to be this lucky with my mate. I expected fear…terror…maybe disgust. I thought I’d have to convince you, but here you are, in my arms and I’m happy to stay here forever.”

Orin propped his chin on Tine’s chest. “There’s absolutely nothing disgusting about you.”

“You might think differently when I’m in heat. There will be no need of the oil then.”

He watched as Orin’s eyes widened when he got the picture in his head. “That’s when you will be able to carry my child, right?”

Tine nodded, swallowing around the lump in his throat at the thought of a family with this man. “I hope so with all my heart. For male dragons, it’s not always easy.”

“Then you will be all the more beautiful to me.” Orin leaned up for a tender kiss and then relaxed against Tine once more. He put his hand on Tine’s stomach. “Will I be able to see it here, like a woman with child?”

“Yes, until I have to change and stay in my dragon form.” He looked down at himself. “This body is not exactly made for bearing children.”

“Hmm, it does have its uses though.” Orin let his hand roam over the hard plains of Tine’s body. He imagined it rounded and softened, carrying his child and it made his heart soar.

“Yes, it does. And I think you need to use it again.” Tine grabbed a hold of Orin and flipped him to his back. He straddled the other man’s hips and looked down on him, grinning at his surprise.

“Told you I was stronger than I look.” Tine slid his hands over Orin’s chest, loving the silky smooth feel of skin over hard muscle. “Then you will have to feed me. All this…exercise…is making me hungry.”

Orin smiled at him slyly, and then ran his hands up Tine’s thighs. “And what does one feed their dragon after having amazing sex with him…twice.”

Tine started to laugh. “Whatever he wants.”

Hours later, when they were sitting naked in bed, sated and feeding each other bits of meat and bread and cheese, Tine leaned over and whispered in Orin’s ear. “Wanna fly with me my mate?”


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