Writing and editing…sort of…

So, I was going over my fic list on my Livejournal account and realized that I hadn’t ever added one of my J2 fanfics to my account. I head over to my documents and load it up and start reading and immediately start head-desking **repeatedly slams head in to desk**.

It’s been a year and a half since I wrote this thing and the changes in my writing are startling. I used to be so bad about switching POV constantly, sometimes in the same paragraph, and staying in one tense used to be almost impossible for me.

When I see all the obvious mistakes and grammar issues, I’m embarrassed to think that I posted this story on the fandom community that way.

Of course, now I’m going over it and re-editing and getting really picky about it, but I also know, that when I’m done, there will still be mistakes that I’ve missed and when I spot them (or worse, have them pointed out to me) I will feel like the biggest idiot on the face of the planet.

But I shouldn’t. Editing your own work properly is probably one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. As a writer, your brain tends to see what it knows you intended to write, not what’s there. It’s the reason we need good betas when doing fanfic and amazing editors when you are trying to be published.

To all you editors out there, you are my hero’s, I’m not kidding you. When I’m reading something that isn’t mine, mistakes jump out at me with startling clarity…with my own stuff, not so much.

So, once I’m done with the editing on this, I am going to post it. I keep hoping that my fandom stuff will bring more readers over to my published stuff and besides, all the friends I’ve made in my fandoms have brought me to where I am today. Without their encouragement, I never would have tried to be published so I owe it to them to continue writing about the characters we all love.

I am reccing another awesome author today. Mary Calmes writes amazing stories about the supernatural world that let me get lost when I need to find myself somewhere different. Her Warder series is probably one of the most amazing sets of stories that I’ve ever read and her Change of Heart series is like no other were animal story I’ve ever read.

She also writes stories of love and fear and men who don’t know that they are so much stronger than they think and she tears out my heart every time.

If you would like to read her stories, they are available from Dreamspinner Press and let me assure you, they are worth every penny. I read everything she writes over and over again, whenever I need a few tears and a smile.

Okay, that’s enough ranting for today. I’m off to finish this edit, fight with LJ to post it and then get to work on my WIP once again…which I’m dreading and desperate for in equal measure.

But that’s a rant for another day….


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