Real life is distracting me…how dare it!

So, I am trying to keep up with this blog, writing, two jobs and a family…I have a headache.

First aid courses, cranky husbands on vacation and a daughter playing in a basketball tournment are all stealing my writing time and I hate it. All I can say, is bring on Monday! 

Go ahead, curse me, I dare you.

I am also missing my reading time. I just finished reading Heart of Texas by  R.J. Scott and I loved it. It was sweet and loving with enough angst to keep me interested. It had twists that I figured out half way through the story but I’m not holding that against it. Figuring out what’s going to happen doesn’t take away my enjoyment. I also loved the cowboy angle…sigh…cowboys…and the contrast between the two families in the story. Go and get it from Silver Publishing and read it.

Anyway, I am trying to figure out how I’m going to end my current WIP and I keep having ideas at the oddest times and then forget them when I sit down to write. I know, I need to keep a notebook with me, but it’s not really cool to be writing loves scenes in the middle of a class.

So, I hope to be back Monday with a better idea and a whole lot less frustration…

Maybe I need wine.



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2 responses to “Real life is distracting me…how dare it!

  1. Monday’s almost there, don’t give up!!

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