Monday Morning…my best day…

So, as a writer I have good writing days and bad ones. My best writing day seems to be Monday for the most part.

I know, who likes Monday, right? Me, that’s who. My weekends are spent working and dealing with a family who thinks that their time shouldn’t include writing time for me.

Come Monday, I have so much floating around in my head that needs to get out and it usually just pours out of me.

My current WIP, a sub/Dom story that is different from anything I’ve written before and different from what I’ve read before, has become my little Monday refuge.

As soon as I’ve gotten my dayhome kids settled, playing games or doing art or watching a movie, I open my computer and get out whatever had been building in my head all weekend.

Of course, somedays it gets all tangled up and takes forever to straighten out and those days tend to drive me out of my mind. I end up clutching my coffee cup and muttering to myself as the kids look at me and giggle.

So, that’s a typical Monday for me. It’s my day for me. No one gets invited for dinner, no one but my very best friend Ryan gets a call from me and I lose myself in the world inside my head.

Obviously I’m still getting used to this whole blog thing. I’ll probably rant and rave here occasionally and tell random stories that don’t have any relevence to anything but my life, but I hope you’ll come back and get to know me a little better.



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3 responses to “Monday Morning…my best day…

  1. You are an aberration. You know that, right? Everyone else hates Mondays. ;/

  2. Birgit

    Oh, so this means I am going to get to know something about your days even though we allways manage to miss each other online?!
    Love the idea, I will sure read each and every detail you’ll leave here!!!

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