Getting this all started!

So, I asked some folks who were really helpful and they suggested I start a blog so people can get to know me.

So, this is me. I’m a mom who works two jobs trying to get things done and I write when I get free time. How I manage to write anything is a mystery!

I got started writing with fanfiction. I watched the show, loved the boys on it but thought the writing was terrible. I thought I could do better so I tried.

Here I am three years and 4 novella’s later. No one was more surprised than me when my publisher said yes to Cowboy Way, and I was sure it was a fluke. When they said yes to All the Things I Didn’t See, I almost fell off my couch. Now Luck of the Irish is out and Hunt and Pray is coming in April and I am still reeling from it all.

I love the writing. It lets me pretend that my brain still works and helps me feel like more than just a diaper changer, laundry folder and family chef. I loved doing all those things, but there’s more to me than that and it’s nice to finally remember that.

So, I hope I can find something interesting to say here once in a while and I hope someone reads it.


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